Américo Gallego | 1977-1978

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Américo Gallego | 1977-1978

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Jun 05, 06:37

Club: Newell's Old Boys

Spoiler: show
Américo Rubén "El Tolo" Gallego (born 25 April 1955) is an Argentine football coach and former player, he played 73 times for the Argentina national team during his playing career and currently works as the coach of Independiente.

As a player, Gallego debuted in the Argentine league in 1974 as a midfielder for Newell's Old Boys. After a rookie season in which he saw little action, he quickly made a name for himself and was given a starting spot and regular playing time during the 1975 season. After being part of the Argentine national team that won the 1978 FIFA World Cup, Gallego stayed on at Newell's for three more years before being transferred to one of the two biggest teams in his country: River Plate.

It was there where Gallego would finish out his career, playing for the "Millonarios" for seven years before retiring at the conclusion of the 1987/88 season, but not before enjoying a league championship, one Copa Libertadores, one Intercontinental Cup and two Copa Interamericanas. El Tolo finished his career with 440 games in the Argentine league and 35 goals in a total of 14 years.

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Re: Américo GALLEGO | 1985-1986

Postby HFClub » 2009 Jun 08, 17:13

Good post, seems very accurate. Though i think a liitle bit more BB (maybe 85) could fit well, as he was a pretty strong player for his size.

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Re: Américo GALLEGO | 1985-1986

Postby juan92 » 2012 Sep 18, 22:57

as the set is a bit old i'm gonna post the konami's set, just in case that somebody want it

Spoiler: show
Positions: ★ MCD, CB, CWP
Age: 23

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Injury Tolerance: B
Foot: R
Side: B

Attack: 68
Defence: 78
Balance: 83
Stamina: 83
Top Speed: 75
Acceleration: 74
Response: 82
Agility: 72
Dribble Accuracy: 81
Dribble Speed: 74
Short Pass Accuracy: 82
Short Pass Speed: 73
Long Pass Accuracy: 81
Long Pass Speed: 71
Shot Accuracy: 66
Shot Power: 77
Shot Technique: 67
Free Kick Accuracy: 65
Curling: 67
Header: 72
Jump: 76
Technique: 78
Aggression: 72
Mentality: 88
Keeper Skills: 50
Teamwork: 80

Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 4
Weak Foot Frequency: 4

★ Playmaking
★ Marking
★ Sliding
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Re: Américo Gallego | 1977-1978

Postby Vickingo » 2016 Nov 24, 15:33

Added to the DB and changed era to WC champions, which is at least more important by now. Mostly Konami set with values from former PSD. He changed a lot his style since he went from Newell's to River, specially when he turned older, he got heavier and slower. Still he managed to have a great career in the club, being key in 1986's WC Club Champions. We should work in a later years set and no way he was only 70kgs.
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Re: Américo Gallego | 1977-1978

Postby licdexxx » 2019 May 13, 15:41

Hello friends
I share the video to create this great player, I hope you like it

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