Joe Bendik, Columbus Crew SC

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Joe Bendik, Columbus Crew SC

Postby PES Stats Database » 2018 Dec 15, 19:43


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Re: Joe Bendik

Postby Oriello » 2018 Dec 15, 22:03 2017 saves (@ 1:32 is a really great one

Gave him lowest TECH for GK as there were a couple goals I recall he gave up as he failed to control the ball under no pressure and since it bobbled away from him it attracted pressure, he could not reach the ball and conceded. I can't recall the specific team it was against so I can't link it, I seen one recently a couple months ago in a highlights package but forgot to get a time stamp link.

Has some good qualities as a keeper, I always have found him erratic in form though - since TFC times - but can really pull a teams ass out of the fire and save points...always seems to be on teams with awful defences and continually gets peppered - think he was one of the keepers with most saves in recent years just because he is constantly busy with shots and crosses.

Penalty stopper, he since April 2016 has saved 5 penalties out of 11 taken on him (a few more in shoot outs), hes gotten better at it vs years ago.

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