Gonzalo Di Renzo, San Antonio FC

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Gonzalo Di Renzo, San Antonio FC

Postby PES Stats Database » 2017 Feb 19, 18:55


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Re: Gonzalo Di Renzo

Postby Paablito » 2018 Feb 22, 18:44

Always saw to him like a great project and to keep on eye on him but thanks - or not - to his consistency trough the years, cant say that was good. Yeah isnt a pure scorer but has abilities that could be exploted, has great pace and is aggressive to play in the lines and also has decent aerial game to play more closer to the box.
Tactically didnt provide be intelligent and also he is mentally weak and probably that is why he doesnt play often also has some physical problems, he aint strong or has great tank of sta to be intensive but despite of that i found him pretty useful.
btw some sources say that he is 1.87 but doesnt seems so tall, and cant some oficial source.

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