Julio Angulo, LDU de Quito

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Julio Angulo, LDU de Quito

Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 Jul 30, 15:15

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Re: Julio Angulo, Independiente del Valle

Postby chamakh » 2016 Aug 09, 03:13

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Re: Julio Angulo

Postby Paablito » 2016 Sep 28, 12:33

He played as ss some matches as other as smf, and looks much better playing in the side. He looks quite good his acceleration and his ts is pretty good too, has good values, something didnt surprised me is his dribbling and his short passes, but his long passes looks decently good and can make nice crosses from the side. Btw he is playing in both sides and his wfa/wff are pretty harsh rated.
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Re: Julio Angulo

Postby Paablito » 2016 Dec 15, 01:49

When plays as smf is a good option for teh counterattacks and the tactics of Huracan, his aggressivity is remarkable each game as well as his speed, but he is quite stupid sometimes and his ball retention is average mostly of the times. He isnt especially good niether dangerous but he is energetic, agile and fast to overpass defenders here and there plus he is a good crosser makes him perfect to play in the side.

mostly the same, i came here to remark how aggressive, fast and agile is. The other day vs dyj just was unstoppable in both sides, he trashed to rivero/silva in the right side and vs delgado/barboza in the left. Also he is a nice crosser, he puts nice swerve speed and mostly his crosses are accurate to reach his mates in the box. I think he is a bit better about speed with the ball, he can cover nice distances with the ball really quick.
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Re: Julio Angulo

Postby lucashag » 2017 Apr 12, 05:01

One of the best sm's of the league to me, if he can develop a shot (he's awful there) he'll get more recognition.
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Re: Julio Angulo

Postby Basilio » 2017 Apr 12, 22:19

What??? He is awful, I just created him because he reached Libertadores final and would've ended in a relevant team to the database soon. He was trash when he began playing in BSC everyone disliked that season, we almost got relegated with him, he was an awful player. In Independiente I saw a very long footage of not a single complete match and this is enough for me to claim you are all wrong, I know better and he can't cross for shit. Believe me, he can't even lift the ball, it's so sad and so bad...

This stats are generous and there shouldn't even be discussion about it, the thread should be locked actually. I find it super odd that he could have completely changed from the 30 minutes I've seen him play :?

Also stamina 85, speed mid yellow??? With this stats he could even compete Valencia for the NT and he is three times the player! Overrated ecuadorian Maradonas everywhere it's a tragedy!

If he is so high in speed why isn't he playing on Barça with Messi? Did he won a clubs world Cup???

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Re: Julio Angulo

Postby Vickingo » 2017 May 12, 17:02

Forgot to share this, this was beautiful...yeah defender's fault as well, but still the guy was fighting for the ball and assisted his teammate to score

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