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Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 Jul 17, 04:32

Full Name: Luciano da Rocha Neves

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Re: Luciano

Postby Viyut » 2016 Jul 17, 17:58

I haven't watched him at all since he left Avaí, but back when he played for us i had given him 80 DA and 85 DS on my OF(his DS was really impressive back then, it was the first thing you'd notice whenever he got the ball). I'm not saying that i disagree with the values on this set (they are probably spot on, even more so since he's still DS>DA here), but i did not expect he'd get so much worse on that since he's still a young player and he's supposed to be improving instead of getting worse.

Also back then he used to be a SS of sorts, not contributing much to buildup play or making dangerous passes on the final third, but instead joining in the attack from the midfield.
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Re: Luciano

Postby toaad » 2016 Jul 19, 19:18

I strongly agree with Viyut.
Sorry but this set is very far from being what Luciano really is. I don't understand why such low numbers in header, passing, DS, DA and even at speed. Furthermore it does not seem so agile and sure that he is stronger than 79.

Luciano is an attacker and can play the position of a CF or SS. He isn't spectacular in any attribute but what does him have good fame is his amazing versatility. Decently strong and fast, with satisfactory technical skills. His kicks has a regular precision and he is very good in the air. His passes are basic but accurate...
Usually have good uprooted when has conducted ball, is very fast with the ball at his feet.

He is the typical player who deserves high green in almost every stat, with the exception of some stats like DA,TEC, JUMP, TS, ACC, maybe in BB and especially DS.
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Re: Luciano

Postby Houy » 2017 Aug 20, 21:33

Space was there but a great pass nontheless
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