Antonio Sanabria

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Antonio Sanabria

Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 Jan 31, 10:49

Full Name: Arnaldo Antonio Sanabria Ayala

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Re: Antonio Sanabria

Postby VReznoV » 2016 Feb 01, 09:02

whoa, a raw diamond :D isn't he also play as WF?
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Re: Antonio Sanabria

Postby Houy » 2016 Mar 20, 13:22

Super impressive,very smart in his movement with and without the ball,his technical stats are high already for his age so i wouldn't suggest higher Att,maybe a little Resp and BC increase ,also isn't he faster than this ,he made Jimenez look silly in that chance that Castro missed,so maybe higher TS,DS and STA.TS 82,DS 81,STA 79.Doesn't he belong to Roma ,he would do a better job than Dzeko,just saying...
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Re: Antonio Sanabria

Postby Defo » 2016 Mar 20, 13:29

VReznoV wrote:whoa, a raw diamond :D isn't he also play as WF?

Not at all but they tried him as a SS at the start of the season, didn't quite work.

Agree he looks faster.
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Re: Antonio Sanabria

Postby Karbrüggen » 2016 Apr 10, 21:37

See his speedstats also quite underrated. EP seems also higher
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Re: Antonio Sanabria

Postby furymaker » 2017 Sep 25, 21:10

gave him a small update, haven't been updated in a year or so, he started off really good this season, 4 goals so far
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Re: Antonio Sanabria

Postby KeyserSoze » 2017 Oct 06, 12:58

His recent tendency to score last-gasp winners is becoming frightening. He did for Betis against RM at Bernabéu two weeks ago; now he did the same last night for Paraguay, at Colombia.

He's not a speedster on/off the ball, his overall technical skills are just decent, but his RES is something really interesting to watch. He's not a conventional poacher, but he does fairly well when attempting to beat the offside trap for most of the time. Actually Paraguay NT was heavily lacking a striker of his style; having only tank-style forwards like Santander makes their offensive style extremely predictable and slow.
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Re: Antonio Sanabria

Postby Fabrix199 » 2018 Jan 16, 01:37

He suffered a knee injury in december last year :C I hope he'll get better.


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