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Postby PES Stats Database » 2015 Oct 26, 17:35

Full Name: Reinaldo Manoel da Silva

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Re: Reinaldo

Postby LykO » 2016 Sep 18, 07:52

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Re: Reinaldo

Postby MatheushpCRF » 2017 Jul 29, 03:22

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Re: Reinaldo

Postby chamakh » 2017 Sep 30, 20:44

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Re: Reinaldo

Postby Jean_PS » 2017 Oct 24, 14:57

I find it interesting how he has become very good and regular after leaving Sao Paulo. By the way, I say he was always regular, maintaining a level of play let's say standard almost every time he played for São Paulo. The fans chased him for not having great defensive skills and for not being very bright offensively. Strange that, soon on the next team, he adapted very well and became just what the fans wanted him to be. He's not an incredible side, no, it's not. He has his limitations, but even so he plays in a nice way and helps the team. Ironically, in one year for Ponte Preta he made more goals and assists than in three for São Paulo. This, not to mention the defensive part, in which he has become more effective.
Now, at Chapecoense, he's staying at that good level.

He is one more of those cases of a player who in a certain team (São Paulo, in the case) can not use his full potential. The style of play, the training, the way the coaches lead it? I do not know. But there are differences between the teams he passed, of course there are, and he has improved over time. Or at least it has become more effective than before.
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Re: Reinaldo

Postby duck23 » 2018 Oct 17, 12:45

Well, as much as I wanna say that he deserves a little buff, even if he doesn't that is fine xD but he surely is an offensive sideback and has the long throw feat.

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