Jack Grealish

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Jack Grealish

Postby PES Stats Database » 2015 Apr 25, 17:30

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Re: Jack Grealish

Postby daniellouis » 2015 Sep 09, 17:52

His Body Balance could increase by a couple of points. He has a well-deserved reputation for being very tough to shake off the ball, despite his apparently slight frame. Sherwood is always alluding to his "big legs" in a homoerotic way: "'He’s very durable,’ said Sherwood. ‘You should see the size of his legs, he’s still a kid.'" Grew up playing the physically tough sport of Gaelic football to a high standard too.
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Re: Jack Grealish

Postby Oklahomastate010 » 2019 Jan 04, 07:11

Jack is due for a good update and I am going to try and articulate below. First off, this guy drifts all over the while on the attack, but lines up as an AM and should have that as his primary position. Never really making runs into the box unless he is dribbling, he prefers to offer himself as an option just outside the box to then create something should the ball come to him there. He is a really strong dribbler and it is what first got him praise as a teenager breaking into the Aston Villa team when they were still in the Premier League. He is also skilled at short passes, notably those that count as key passes and create a lot of danger such as this one https://youtu.be/DxMpy5D3Oo8?t=180. Some weaknesses are that he is a really poor tackler and racks up yellow cards at a rate higher than he should. His free kick services are good too as seen here https://youtu.be/DxMpy5D3Oo8?t=493 https://youtu.be/Y-VlxjkU6wo?t=416 and https://youtu.be/vCPgFoKHSIM?t=487 or when going for goal https://youtu.be/RVwK8h2abEk?t=191. He can pop up with the occasional good run like https://youtu.be/vCPgFoKHSIM?t=215 and https://youtu.be/Y-VlxjkU6wo?t=57 but it is infrequent. He gets the ball and slows down then tries to get the defender to commit with a head fake usually and accelerates the other way in a bit of a jerky motion. Very much a start-stop type dribbler in the final third as he will advance it a little and then look for the passing options instead of just putting his head down as Bolasie does for instance and barrels ahead blindly. Jack draws a lot of fouls this way too. He is a good young player that rightfully draws a lot of speculation that he can and should move to a good Premier League side and I hope he gets the chance to.

Short passing:
https://youtu.be/RVwK8h2abEk?t=458 he does a good amount of the no look tricky passes
https://youtu.be/RVwK8h2abEk?t=484 for the initial win and then drives forward and does a little trailing lay off pass
https://youtu.be/1Ms2gcjdz4g?t=128 in particular this one

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Re: Jack Grealish

Postby LiamwPk » 2019 Mar 03, 09:43


Nothing much to add other than he scored a rocket of a volley yesterday.
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Re: Jack Grealish

Postby Oklahomastate010 » 2019 Mar 11, 19:08

Gets attacked by a fan and then nails the game winner in the derby he has grown up dreaming of all his life. Not a bad way to end that day. He is an odd one to rate. My comments from before still are true but he might be an even lower Ds and sps player. They’re just little flicks mostly. Anyone else been watching?

Edit: going to post below to not totally dominate his thread.

As noted, his dribbling style is very unique. He is jerky jerky (my apologies for all those that phrase won’t translate for) and does a lot of lay-off passes. They’re mostly simple roll backs. One thing I really like about him is his movement. He is a supportive player and extremely good working in combination play. I believe it was against Derby County recently where he was just slicing them up. He’s returned from injury at force and was just dominant that game. He had some really damn good splitting passes and shots himself as well. If I recall correctly he finished with 2 goals and potentially an assist (he should’ve had one if he didn’t get it). I can go back later and link some of the specific videos, but here is the game highlights https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DHJ1kCx5GZM
From my previous suggestions I might give him a point more in att and give him a little bigger gap between ya and acc, but still this works and I’ll be trying to confirm and allow him more time after the injury to get it completely back.
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Re: Jack Grealish

Postby Oklahomastate010 » 2019 Jun 04, 23:35

https://youtu.be/CwgqpkOlngc?t=498 here is another type of pass, extremely simple but efficient, that he does a lot of. Little cut pass after drawing in multiple defenders to him that finds a teammate in an open area resulting from his dribbling.

He was fouled an average of 4.8 times per game with the next highest player in the league only suffering 2.7. This guy takes a beating and is really good at winning free kicks and getting himself out of trouble.

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