Jorge Campos | 1989-1990

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Jorge Campos | 1989-1990

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 11, 18:01

Nickname: "El Brody"| "Chiqui-Campos"| "Chapulín"
Club: Pumas

Growth Type: Standard/Lasting


One of the most notable Mexican players of the 1990s, Campos was a particularly eccentric player, known for his constant play outside the penalty area, his acrobatic style in goal, and his colorful attire. His strength in goal was his leaping ability and speed, which made him able to overcome his relatively short height for the position he played at, having had been officially billed at 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m), although he is actually a few inches smaller, namely 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m), making him the smallest goalkeeper to achieve absolute greatness in his chosen profession. He was able to underline the latter on a worldwide stage during the 15th staging of the FIFA World Cup in 1994.
Campos also made for an effective striker, an example of rare versatility in football. At times, he would start a game in goal, and transfer upfield later in the match, mostly at the club level. His trademark, self-designed bright kits contributed to his popularity.


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Re: Jorge CAMPOS | 1989-1990

Postby Fevernova » 2009 Sep 18, 16:31

Are U sure you didn´t get a little carried away by his abilitie to play both positions? He doesn´t look much like a good keeper and he´s considered Mexico´s finest keeper of all times...
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Re: Jorge CAMPOS | 1989-1990

Postby Plava Čigra » 2009 Sep 18, 16:55

His Age and/or Era are wrong. His DoB is October 15, 1966. His Age should be 23-24, if his Era is 1989/1990.

Also his Club is wrong. In that period (1989/1990) he played for Pumas.

In my opinion his Era should be at least 1988/1991 (in 1988/1989 he scored 14 goals for Pumas and he was competing for the title of top scorer; in 1990/1991 season he won championship with Pumas as first-choice goalkeeper).
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Re: Jorge CAMPOS | 1989-1990

Postby jurgens » 2011 May 12, 23:06

these stats look weird? Why are his keeper skills and response so low? He parried most things, but he wasn't bad at handling the ball. He was capable of catching some shots that no other keeper would. He used to dive and cushion a ball in his chest and hold onto securely. And his response only 90? He was an easy 95 imo. Agility too high aswell, hes so small he doesn't need that high, few points drop would suffice. His balance and mentality should be much higher too, especially mentality.
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Re: Jorge CAMPOS | 1989-1990

Postby Kerry » 2011 Aug 27, 05:20

Underrated, KS should be already as Valdes or De Gea, but about RES, his high AGI already makes him a crazy keeper but comparing to others, he was outstanding
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Re: Jorge CAMPOS | 1989-1990

Postby matias40 » 2012 May 09, 02:54


Response: 90--->97

Jorge Campos has so much response to Iker Casillas, i have seen him play and you response is amazing both as of Iker

Keeper Skills: 82--->88

His Keeper Skills is as good as of the Victor Valdes, is very good!
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Re: Jorge Campos | 1989-1990

Postby MikeTorres221b » 2017 Mar 05, 02:27

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Re: Jorge Campos | 1989-1990

Postby dakar95 » 2018 Oct 16, 06:07

Are the height right? In this pic looks like 1,77 or smt. I know the perspective aren't very trustworthy, but I think he's a bit taller than 1,73.
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