Oliver Kirch, SC Paderborn 07

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Oliver Kirch, SC Paderborn 07

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 11, 14:35


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Re: Oliver KIRCH

Postby calleklein » 2009 Apr 08, 02:53

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Re: Oliver KIRCH

Postby zebastian » 2010 Dec 27, 14:45

Add DM. He plays on this position. Source: http://www.football-lineups.com/footballer/740/ . Or is it more CM?
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Re: Oliver KIRCH

Postby jurgens » 2012 Aug 24, 19:24

hes so much faster than this
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Re: Oliver KIRCH

Postby KillaKlo » 2012 Aug 31, 04:53

He looks really fast and also a bit more agile than this. And his def have to go down, he have some serious problems there. 60 or 61 is probably enough.
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Re: Oliver Kirch

Postby Malakayi » 2012 Dec 27, 22:25

defensively he's much better than this, last year in Kaiserslautern he played as DMF and did well considering the circumstances, also he is a powerful yet somewhat inaccurate shooter, 80 is too low. I won't give him a DEF value that I would have given him last season since that'd make him a better SB than he is though. global update.
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Re: Oliver Kirch

Postby RM19 » 2013 Dec 03, 22:54

I just watched a game from him in the German cup and wondered how PSD rates him. Personally I don't like the set that much. He's much better than this, really underrated players - every time I watched him he was good or really good.

I'd increase his response by 3, his ball control by 4, his passing accuracy by 5-6 and his passing speed by 3 and his dribble speed by 1. Tough call on other values.
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Re: Oliver Kirch

Postby Hayame » 2013 Dec 04, 14:44

Sorry but for me a game against a 4th class team can´t be used as example for a good game. Also he really plays to rare for me to give him an update. If he would play half a saison regulary on a better level he surely can get one.

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