Stuart PEARCE | 1990-1993

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Stuart PEARCE | 1990-1993

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 11, 14:05

Nickname: "Psycho"


Club: Nottingham Forest

Growth type: Late/Lasting


Probably England's greatest ever left-back, Pearce had a long and distinguished career. He is best remembered for his time at Nottingham Forest and his England international duties, where he was still highly regarded as a first class defender even to his mid thirties, providing great leadership qualities and backbone to the defense.

The battling left back is well known for missing a penalty against West Germany (later overcoming the miss against Spain) but was a very consistent set-piece taker for Forrest where most of his 63 goals for them came from penalties and free-kicks. He didn't have an extraordinary technique per say but he had an absolute "humdinger" of a left foot.

He had a fantastic workrate, was defensively secure and could also providing some attacking emphasis down the left hand side and have some cracking shots at goal.
He's also a renown hard tackler, had a decent cross, consistent and had great conditioning.

He was given the affectionate nickname of "Psycho" for his unforgiving style of play and his great devotion shown while playing the game.


Nottingham Forest
Football League Centenary Tournament winner: 1988
Littlewoods Challenge Cup winner: 1988–89
Full Members Cup winner: 1989, 1992
Rumbelows Cup winner: 1989–90
West Ham United
Intertoto Cup winner: 1999
Manchester City
Nationwide Division One Title winner: 2001–02

78 International Caps
FIFA World Cup fourth place: 1990

Domestic Team of the Decade - Premier League 10 Seasons Awards (1992/3 - 2001/2)


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Re: Stuart PEARCE | 1990-1993

Postby patrick88 » 2010 Jul 23, 07:11

purely for reference, i'll put up brian clough's assessment of psycho from his autobiography (an assessment he claims venables soon came to agree with)

'i never considered pearce to be a particularly good defender'

'when he faces a winger who plays as a winger, he tends to get murdered'

'he was a good header of the ball, powerful and brave, and scored goals, but he couldn't tackle'

i'm not advocating there be any changes to the stats, just thought cloughie's comments might be of interest
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Re: Stuart PEARCE | 1990-1993

Postby ballmer » 2011 Sep 20, 11:53

Can anyone explain why his DEF is so high? I'm convinced he doesn't deserve a high DEF, even for an SB. I was watching some matches of his, and his defensive positioning is underwhelming. What was impressive however was how quickly he reacted to danger (even if that danger was caused by his being out of position). I was thinking of a low green DEF value, but a RES of 85 or so. I think a comparatively low DEF value, with high RES would represent him much much better.
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Re: Stuart PEARCE | 1990-1993

Postby Brezza » 2011 Sep 22, 17:23

it was mainly given for his excellent tackling ability- when he didn't want to break the opposing players legs that is . Put in some excellent defensive displays at Italia 90 in particular, but def is definitely overrated from a pure positioning point of view, Gary Neville was eons ahead of him here. A mid-high 70's value and higher response would probably replicate him better like you said. Should probably have higher shooting stats as well.
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Re: Stuart PEARCE | 1990-1993

Postby Albo7 » 2011 Dec 27, 23:03

Updated Def and Res, as it was discussed and agreed to.
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Re: Stuart PEARCE | 1990-1993

Postby distinguidosrx » 2015 Nov 04, 14:10

Why that nickname?
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