Tom Carroll

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Tom Carroll

Postby PES Stats Database » 2013 Apr 13, 12:23


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Re: Tom Carroll

Postby Jez » 2013 Apr 13, 13:58

Been thinking about a set for this lad myself lately.

You've highlighted a few things I had in mind, too. The relatively low passing speeds for example. That said, I think you could take Short Pass Speed even lower to high 60's. He's technically pretty sound across the board, but he seems so weak in almost every aspect of his game: passing speed especially as well as overall strength. His short passes are accurate but extremely conservative, often ridiculously so. It's quite amusing as his style and body shape makes it look as though he's trying to thread a really precise, well-paced through ball even when he's simply passing the ball about a yard :lol: Bale's goal at West Ham is a good example of this. He's useful as he keeps possession ticking over, kind of like Britton at Swansea actually. Perhaps over time he'll become slightly more expansive with his passing but right now I genuinely think his body is so frail that he lacks that punch in his passing to make him 'dangerous' as opposed to simply being 'effective' as he is now. I reckon Dribble Speed too could be a fair bit lower; bar the odd dribble now and then (which is very rare) he barely moves with the ball. Seems to just pass it off to the nearest team-mate then move into space. His Teamwork should probably be higher having mentioned that. He's not short of confidence when it comes to offering support to a team-mate but as I say, once in possession, he'll usually just pop it off to the next closest team-mate and then he's back on the move again. Shot Power should/could be whites, I don't recall him having a shot at all in the games I've seen (could be wrong) and I don't imagine he's going to trouble a goalkeeper from range when he barely has the capacity to play passes much further than a few foot. Same could be said of his long passing but like shooting, I struggle to picture him playing any long-passes as his game is (at this moment in his career) all about short passing and decent supportive movement. If our Balance standards on PSD weren't so high then his Balance rating should be lower too I'd say.

I assume you have much the same impression of him Stu, judging by the stats?
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Re: Tom Carroll

Postby BigStu » 2013 Apr 13, 14:22

Yeah I share your view on all but Long passing so updated, he can and has played some incredible passes, he doesn't do it often, might only be the tiny number i've seen in total, but they were not only super-accurate but difficult, so its clear he does have it in his locker.
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Re: Tom Carroll

Postby emanuelfer » 2014 Aug 22, 12:07

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Re: Tom Carroll

Postby VReznoV » 2015 Dec 28, 04:46

Tom Carroll amazing goal vs Norwich
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Re: Tom Carroll

Postby Ramindbroken » 2015 Dec 28, 16:59

His DS looks much better than this.

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