Oussama Tannane

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Oussama Tannane

Postby PES Stats Database » 2013 Mar 18, 12:13


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Re: Oussama Tannane

Postby mcmattie » 2015 Sep 20, 08:40

Is doing great so far. The most dangerous player for Heracles this season and one of the reasons they are on top right now. Deserves a good upgrade.
Because of his clear danger, his Att can be raised to 77 I think. Aggression +5.
Has a good touch and can make good dribbles to make space for himself, I'd say Tech 82 and DA 83.
His shooting has been pretty amazing. SA can be 78 and ST 80.
Showed a good freekick, FKA and Curl both +1.
Resp +2.
BB +1. A strong player for a winger.
Ment and TW +5. Plays to win and works for it. Is selfish when he should be because of his skill, but doesn't make stupid selfish actions much.
Finally, CF can be removed and side set to both.
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Re: Oussama Tannane

Postby Roy » 2015 Sep 21, 08:53

Updated him.
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Re: Oussama Tannane

Postby Fides » 2015 Sep 28, 12:16

Does he really require such an allround update? I dont see him as an above average passer and I am not sure about his speed either.

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