Guillermo Rodríguez, Universitario de Deportes

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Guillermo Rodríguez, Universitario de Deportes

Postby PES Stats Database » 2013 Jan 15, 16:18

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Re: Guillermo Rodríguez

Postby Epsi » 2013 Jan 15, 16:18

Probably a bit stronger than this, but doesn't show it so often so I think the current value is fine.
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Re: Guillermo Rodríguez

Postby Vickingo » 2013 Jan 15, 17:45

Wasn't created a topic of him since a long time? I know him very well, he played in Independiente and in Peñarol which lost the final of Libertadores vs Santos, then in Cesena right?

I watched from time to time in Italy and he's basically the same player, strong, awful with his foot and determinated, typical Uruguayan hard defender...ment could go up as well and i'm really not sure if he's so good tackler...remember of him many fouls in every match for use too much force to disposses and lack of timing. Probably his technical abilities are way below current btw.
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Re: Guillermo Rodríguez

Postby chamakh » 2015 Sep 24, 19:30

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Re: Guillermo Rodríguez

Postby pelimetal » 2015 Sep 27, 22:11

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Re: Guillermo Rodríguez

Postby Christiancito » 2017 Jan 24, 06:21

He's playing now for Jaguares de Chiapas (MEX)
Move him please
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Re: Guillermo Rodríguez, Universitario de Deportes

Postby Akephalos » 2019 Mar 27, 16:00

he probably need some changes as he is much much slower and unagile than this and he also is a old low form defender. He struggles a lot in peruvian league and is a low level league. When he plays more matches i will come with an update for him.
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