Álvaro Ampuero, Deportivo Municipal

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Álvaro Ampuero, Deportivo Municipal

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Oct 17, 19:35


Very promising and technical at his begginigs (specially on Copa Libertadores sub-20 2011 and Copa Sudamericana 2011) but his carreer started a descending peak. Incredibly, he was signed by Parma. He played a lot of games for the NT but never a good one. Similar to the fat Vargas :lol:

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Re: Álvaro AMPUERO

Postby yuliancho » 2013 Jan 07, 22:27

He plays in Parma and needs an update.

183 cm - 74 kg

Attack → 69
Defense → 49
Dribble Accuracy → 76
Short Pass Speed → 71
Long Pass Accuracy → 73
Response → 74
Agility → 77
Mentality → 75
Team Work → 77

And change to PES 2013 set.
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Re: Álvaro Ampuero

Postby Diego » 2013 Jan 08, 01:41

You better elaborate if you want those suggestions to be taken into account, just warning you for first and last time, I will delete that kind of posts in the future without any problem.

Added to database. Moving to Parma
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Re: Álvaro Ampuero

Postby pelimetal » 2014 Sep 15, 00:12

Move to Other Teams/Players-CONMEBOL.
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Re: Álvaro Ampuero

Postby pelimetal » 2015 Feb 20, 20:35

Add his club name to his name.
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Re: Álvaro Ampuero, Deportivo Municipal

Postby Akephalos » 2019 Jan 08, 05:07

Se needs some tweaks

Even tho he is a bad player overall he has some decent atributes.

His attack needs to go down, its true he likes to attack but most of the time he has no idea what to do and he waits too much before making a decission. Maybe something like 65-66 would work better.

DEF needs a raise as his main position is SB now. He is no that terrible defending but he is nohing amazing. I think 60-61 is fine and fair for him

Acceleration needs to be decreased at least 10 points. He takes way too long before show any good TS. Also TS may go down to 78 or 79.

Agility also need to be decreased this guy takes forever to make a turn, he is a "tronco". Values like 65-67 would work better.

Agression may be reduced to 76-77 as he is not that consistant attacking like years ago
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