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Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Sep 08, 06:30

Name: Cleberson Martins de Souza


Cleberson, the wunderkind of the basic categories of Atletico Paranaense. Perhaps the biggest revelation after Jadson and Dagoberto. A player who is versatile and knows how to defend, attack known, play as a defensive way, can act a little later too, but can also operate in central defense or as a side (right or left), he can start the game as quarterback and then go to half-defensive, or vise versa, or if any side is injured or needs to be taken out of the game, Cleberson can play such a role also, besides being ambidextrous.

Another remarkable feature of this player is that it is quick, have pulled out from central defense to the attack. It's good to air the ball and also does not lack in technique, only what is wanting in him, is his technique of shot. It has been a key part of the tactical scheme of the athletic, there are times that Atletico had been trying to find a companion to star alongside Manoel in central defense. It seems he could find in a wheel that was left in a quarterback.

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