Kevin KEEGAN | 1975-1979

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Kevin KEEGAN | 1975-1979

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 10, 21:15

Nicknames: King Kev | "The Geordie Messiah" | "Mighty Mouse"

Clubs: Liverpool FC (1975/1977) & Hamburger SV (1977/1979)

Growth type: Standard/Lasting


For a man who has been described as lacking natural talent, any player couldn't have asked for a better career as a player. The only Englishman to win the Ballon D'Or twice, blessed with pace, was exceedingly brave for a man of his stature and an instinctive goalscorer, who was just as good as setting up his team mates as scoring himself. Perhaps the fact that KK knew he didn't have the natural ability as others, this made him more so determined added with the fact he was always the fittest player at any club he played at. He was a self-made great, shame that England were, in his prime, so dire.


First Division: 1972–73, 1975–76, 1976–77
UEFA Cup: 1972–73, 1975–76
FA Cup: 1973–74
FA Charity Shield: 1974–75, 1976–77
European Cup: 1976–77
Hamburger SV
German Bundesliga: 1978-79
European Footballer of the Year: 1978, 1979
PFA Player of the Year: 1981-82
Inaugural inductee into English Football Hall of Fame: 2002


ADDITIONAL LINKS: ... keegan.htm ... eegan.html

Plava Čigra
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Re: Kevin KEEGAN | 1975-1979

Postby Plava Čigra » 2010 Feb 11, 03:47

Brezza already updated him with Cards.

I've just added Additional Links, 1 more video, Growth type, Attack/Defence Awareness Card and extended his Era a bit (from 1976-1977 to 1975-1979) and added Hamburger SV as second club.

I've also changed Height and Weight from 169 cm and 68 kg to 170 cm and 67 kg, according to these sources: ... in-keegan/ ... ault/28128
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Re: Kevin KEEGAN | 1975-1979

Postby zguc » 2010 May 03, 17:49

I think his DA is little underrated. He deserve more than 85, maybe around 87
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Re: Kevin KEEGAN | 1975-1979

Postby Brezza » 2010 May 05, 17:04

Updated a couple of things that were wrong.

Balance: 76> 83

A bit mystified why I gave him this, he was very strong for his height/weight. He had the physique of a boxer, you just have to google the various slightly homo-erotic pictures of him with his top off too see what i mean.

Agility. 90< 86 a bit over the top given his height, he was no more twisty turny than Carlos Tevez.

Dribbling is fine. In fact his ball control was underrated by people at the time as it was clouded out by other aspects to his game, alot like Wayne Rooney today. However I wouldn't quite put it in the world class bracket, or that close to Dalglish.

Can somebody help me find a good quality picture of him in his Liverpool kit.

Edit: Thanks Zguc :)
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Re: Kevin KEEGAN | 1975-1979

Postby zguc » 2010 May 05, 18:04

Very well now looks to new values, but it seems to me that his high MEN.
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