Niclas Füllkrug

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Niclas Füllkrug

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Jun 19, 03:13


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Postby Hayame » 2012 Aug 20, 19:16

Sorry Kruger13 but I have a bit other view of him :)

In the Liga Total Cup he impressed me really. Balance 77 for an 188 cm big guy is to low for me. He isn´t really strong but also not that weak. There are just something in which I can agree with you and that are Shooting, Passing, Header, Technique and Teamwork. Condition 4 for an 19 years old guy how didn´t get often the change to play with Pizarro infront of himis really harsh. As normal number I see there an 5. Till now for me he showed that he has a good feeling for the right run. So Attack is to low. He is also faster than this. Also DS is a bit to low. AGgression can go up a few points. He is a full CF without much defensive work. At least he is soild in Mentality not as bad as a Arnautovic.

My suggestions:

Attack: 78
Balance 80
Top Speed: 81
Acceleration: 80
Response: 77
Dribble Speed: 78
Aggression: 82
Mentality: 70

Condition/Fitness: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5
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Postby Kruger13 » 2012 Aug 21, 02:56

Fine with your suggestions. Others views are always welcome.

In Liga Total! Cup, he also impress me by his speed and changed a bit my view from him. Others values now are easier to compare as now we have a more accurate BL with new standards so comparisons with ladders are better. Updated.
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Postby artingei » 2012 Sep 03, 14:27

Watching him several times this summer in training sessions and some games. Most easygoing and aggressive (positive!) player i´ve seen for long time.

Would change:

Aggression: 82 +2
Mentality: 70 +6
Response: 77 +3
Agility: 80 -1
Dribble Accuracy: 76 +5
Dribble Speed: 78 +2

and add

★ Marauding
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Re: Niclas Füllkrug

Postby Malakayi » 2012 Dec 25, 00:26

promising talent, small update for him, just tweaking
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Re: Niclas Füllkrug

Postby Eternal Night » 2013 Aug 25, 18:09

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Re: Niclas Füllkrug

Postby Akephalos » 2019 Jan 15, 17:09

Ok, this guy needs a total rework because hs is so much better than this. He scored 16 goals last season between Bundesliga and DFB cup and in current season only 3 goals, He had injury problems also, but overall this guy is really imporant to Hannover.

Responsive to rebounds and passesa, smart movements in the box. Also some good examples of nice SP, ST Jump and Header.
Spoiler: show

Penalty kick specialist

Spoiler: show

So in my eyes this guy needs a value above 80 in ATT, he is really important to Hannover, know how to move in the box and besides not being a great goalscorer, he is dangerous. Also he is kinda slow with the ball on his feet, maybe Ds should drop to 72-73. SA, SP and ST to : 78-83-82/83. Jump and Header both on 82/83. Technique to 79-80. This guy has a decent control and nice traps.Response to 83-84 and Aggression to 85. He also scored some free kicks while playing in Nurnberg, maybe a raise to 70 in fka and curling. Also add Penalties* as Special Ability. Remove other positions and only leave CF

Also this video shows more examples to support my suggestions and values.

Finnaly, he needs to be moved to Hannover.
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