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Gonzalo Higuaín | 2008-2010 | 2011-2014 | 2015-2016

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 May 06, 11:20

Club: SSC Napoli

Growth Type: Standard/Lasting



Club: Real Madrid | SSC Napoli


Club: Real Madrid


Growth Type: Standard/Lasting


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Re: Gonzalo HIGUAÍN

Postby Korinov » 2012 May 06, 11:23

It's the set I had in my PES 2011 OF til today... pretty much the set we had in the DB before the current season. Needs some adjustments (I don't think he ever merited such DS, and SA could deserve a mid yellow or higher, in the 85-87 range), but the set overall seems fine, he was already an effective goalscorer although not at the same level as today. And very fast, something he lost after his injury.
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Re: Gonzalo Higuaín | 2008-2010 | 2011-2014

Postby Fantasista » 2015 Jul 02, 14:06

A 2006-08 set (or 07-08 if we want exclusively base it on performances in Real) would be much more useful than 08-10 (not saying it is unneeded though). He had pretty shitty score record, but he usually was starting on bench and placed out of his preffered position on the field,often as a SM/WF hybrid which clearly wasn't optimal for him. Besides Real won La Liga twice during that time (completely dominating it in 07/08). I have some thoughts on how the set should look like but not enough to make a complete set by myself, unless without some guesswork which is always very risky. I believe there are handful of users familiar with Higuain who can participate in creating one.

For now let me provide you some footage of that era
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Re: Gonzalo Higuaín | 2008-2010 | 2011-2014 | 2015-2016

Postby Epsi » 2016 May 19, 10:13

record breaker set added.
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Re: Gonzalo Higuaín | 2008-2010 | 2011-2014 | 2015-2016

Postby jurgens » 2016 May 19, 13:10

I know it's just a small change, but I don't feel hes worth that bump up in SA. When watching him this year after all this hype, and having only sparsely watched him the years previous, my assumption was that he had taken his SA to the next level and finally started showing godlike SA consistenty. But that wasn't the case, hes very very good, but hes not quite at that 94... I think 93 is a stretch to a degree. Not that he doesn't have great accuracy, but players like aguero who I feel are true red SA players, just give them any little space and they'll put them in off the post... this is what makes aguero so god damn consistent at scoring, but it's not the same for Higuain.
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Re: Gonzalo Higuaín | 2008-2010 | 2011-2014 | 2015-2016

Postby Ramindbroken » 2016 May 19, 13:41

Well, his current set actually has 96 ATT, 93 SA and 88 ST... I don't know why he has slightly better values here.

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