Ermin Bičakčić

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Ermin Bičakčić

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Mar 03, 12:41


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Re: Ermin Bičakčić

Postby Eternal Night » 2013 Jun 24, 08:52

Maybe his Attack is a bit low... 58-59 can be good for him.
I see OK his Defence, maybe he's the best CB of 2. Bundesliga but Header can be a little higher: 82-83.
Pass skills are OK to me but SA and Place Kicking must be lower. I suggest 60 & 60.
Now I see his Response a bit high. 77 can be interesting for him.
He's a damnit beast so Body Balance can be higher. I suggest 85-86.
I have no problem with low yellows in Stamina: 81-82. Phisically he's a buffalo...
But his Teamwork could be lower 'cause sometimes I see him a little anarchic. Deniz Dogan is better than Bikakcic in this skill. He deserves no more than 70-71.
And Shot Technique 61-62.
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Re: Ermin Bičakčić

Postby KeyserSoze » 2014 Feb 19, 18:47

This fact is interesting:
Here's a site which claims Bicakcic is at the top ten of the fastest players in Bundesliga (look at the central image, then look for n°9 at the list).
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Re: Ermin Bičakčić

Postby Hayame » 2014 Feb 19, 20:25

Quite weird stats :D

Abraham, Polanski, Felix Kroos and Bicakcic under the top 10 of the fastest player. I would really like to see that moments when they were so fast.

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