Claudio Marangoni | 1982-1984

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Claudio Marangoni | 1982-1984

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Sep 18, 20:00

Club: Club Atlético Independiente


Claudio Oscar Marangoni (born 17 November 1954 in Rosario) is a former Argentine footballer who played club football in Argentina and England and played for the Argentina national team.
Marangoni started his playing career in 1974 with Chacarita Juniors he then joined San Lorenzo de Almagro in 1976.

In 1979 he joined Sunderland A.F.C. of England where he failed to settle, his contract was terminated in 1980 and he returned to Argentina. Marangoni played one season for Huracán before joining Club Atlético Independiente in 1982. He won three major titles with the club, the 1983 Metropolitano followed by the Copa Libertadores and Copa Intercontinental in 1984.

In 1988 he left Independiente to join Boca Juniors where he wom a further two international tournaments, the Supercopa Sudamericana 1989 and the Recopa Sudamericana 1990.

Upon retirement, Marangoni start Escuala Modelo de Futbol y Deportes, the first-ever professional soccer schools and sports clinics for Argentina’s youth. The schools serve children from age 3-13 and are franchised throughout the country, serving public and private schools, community centers, country clubs and businesses. Integral to the company’s model is free tuition for underprivileged children. Since selection, he expanded his training schools to Chile and Spain.

His work was recognized by Endeavor (non-profit) and he was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 1999. Endeavor is a global non-profit that selects and supports High-Impact Entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

_arg Argentina - 9 appearances

_arg 1974–1976 Chacarita Juniors 62 appearances | 7 goals
_arg 1976–1979 San Lorenzo 135 appearances | 25 goals
_eng 1979–1980 Sunderland A.F.C. 20 appearances | 3 goals
_arg 1981 Huracán 58 appearances | 11 goals
_arg 1982–1988 Independiente 237 | 25 goals
_arg 1988–1990 Boca Juniors 81 appearances | 7 goals

_arg 1983 Metropolitano Independiente Primera División Argentina
_arg 1984 Independiente Copa Libertadores
_arg 1984 Independiente Copa Intercontinental
_arg 1989 Boca Juniors Supercopa Sudamericana
_arg 1990 Boca Juniors Recopa Sudamericana



Spoiler: show
Attack/Defence/Stamina/Response/Aggression/Mentality/*Centre/ATT-DEF awareness:
Claudio Marangoni was may be one of the best technical midfielders in Argentina in 1980's, he was a really complete player and he represents a style of DMF which is disappearing in Argentina in the last years, and it's a shame. He was capable to does incredible things, managing the team, but this I'll explain then.
This type of player in my opinion is really hardly to rate in his ATT/DEF/AGG because are (as we say in South America) "mixed DMF", who are balanced in attack and defence. I chose a balanced ratio obviously but before I've analysed most of his videos in youtube and comments about how he played. He was an alone DMF in a 4-3-1-2 in this team (Independiente 1984), where he played with Giusti (RMF) and Burruchaga (LMF/AMF) behind Bochini (pure AMF). Watching his movements, he was really strange; most of times he was stand up in the midfield to be an option of pass in attack starting movements and distribute the ball to Clausen/Enrique or give the ball to Bochini/Burruchaga. But other times he was really aggressive and he followed the gameplay trying to associate with "walls" (touch and go) with the rest of the team, and doing it in a really nice way. Because of that reason, I assigned him 73-75, cause in defence he was more than decent, but not for another world because he had the constant help of another great player as Giusti, who played most of times in defence as DMF, and Marangoni didn't recover too much the ball. I've helped the value of ATT/DEF and his style of playing to stacionate himself in the mifield with *Centre, which most of the goals and gameplays done by him that I've ever watched was touching the ball from the centre. Because of this also the low response, he never was a very responsive player despite being a defensive midfielder, he based his style of playing in cover his section and run sometimes the opponents, but it wasn't his real strenght marking. BTW when the team had defensive's urgencies he played in a good way trying to mark in that midfield. About Stamina, he was more a static player but strange, because he was able to does great runs with and without the ball, but he prefers to manage the team in another way, as I said before, distribuiting the ball from a side to other with his magic passes. Because of this I assigned to him so low value in STA despite being an alone DMF in an exigent midfield. It could be even worse, but I've assigned also a very low value in MENT. Why? It's a mix of "to hound" definition (he was really crap doing this, if he recovered the ball wasn't because of hound, he prefered wait to the opponent and guess his intentions, and if it'd be for that he could have easily low's 70) and his never give up attitude in sense of important matches/when the team is losing, etc (he could reach a bit less than 80's, but his characteristics wasn't to be a "Talisman" to manage the entire team forward as Bochini or Burruchaga).
About AGG, as I've said he was really strange, so I didn't want to put a very high level and I opted to assign him ATT/DEF:BAL, plus his level of ATT+AGG+BAL could represent him well in the game, neither a super aggressive player, nor a static midfielder as he most of the times was, just the enough.

Here there isn't too much to said that I didn't explain before. His replicate player currently is Mario Bolatti. Bolatti a lot of times is called "Maranga" because of he has the same style, tall, amazing touch, good passes and TW, but slow and balanced in ATT/DEF. Also I can compare Marangoni with a contemporarian player of him: Checho Batista (Sergio), they were pretty similar in his attributes, despite Batista being more defensive and responsive/with more strenght.
I'd sit Marangoni with a decent dribble, but I think that he can have even a better value, his speed when he was dribbling was really terrible, like a tortle, but he was able to does a lot of touches when dribbles and a lot of times his dribbles where most to be a "tactical" player than to surpass opponents (he was able to does it also), but I didn't want to overrate him, Bolatti in this is better than him. As he was really weak (strange in a DMF and most with his height), he was easily pulled off by opponents, he needed a well dribble and agility, and the key is that he had it both. Despite being a tall boy, he could change the direction of his dribble to mantain the possesion for the team and distribute the ball to his RB/LB. I founded 81 as the best option to compensate his weakness and represents his style of playing.
About his technique, an only word: Excellent. His first touch was exquisite, in this I think that's better than Bolatti and obviously than Checho Batista, he was capable to kill aerial balls in difficults fields to play (take into account here in Argentina was pretty difficult to find a field in optimal conditions, so was more difficult to stop the ball) and in all moment he had the control of the ball since the first moment. As I've said most of the times he was a static player, but wow! his teamwork, was really awesome. His understanding with his teammate in that team was of another world, and I think that was the key for those championship (plus the security in defence and attitude of players). Saving the obvious distances, in a lot of gameplays they tried to does first touch passes and 5 or 6 consecutives between different players, and Marangoni was the symbol of that, he was the "crux" of that possesions and his distribution of the ball was really amazing also. He knew always where put the ball in a pass, short or long, he always did what the gameplay asked for.

About his speed, may be it's his weak point really; he was slow as hell and I watch him worse than Batista, his ACC was terrible, costed a lot to reach his also poor speed, there isn't too much to explain, just to watch the video of the game vs Gremio and you'll watch it.
He was a temible passer, it was impressive the amount of passes that he gave per match, almost when he played bad, his passes were accurate; that was incredible, his capacity of give passes is comparable to Bolatti and better than Batista for sure. For sure he was a better short passer (he based his style in this) than long, but this one also was more than decent. His weak point in his passes were the speed. It wasn't intercepted because of lack of accuracy, was intercepted (when it was) because of lack of speed, I don't know why such an amazing passer as him could give weak passes. I wanted to represent him well in this aspect "exaggerating" the difference between the accuracy and the speed and assigning him Passer card. I've tested in PES 2011 and it's realistic.
About his shooting abilities, in this era he wasn't too impressive, I've founded his shoots better in his Boca's era (in youtube there are a lot of those goals playing in Boca in 1990), but I remember some goals of him from long rang as vs Sportivo Luqueño (PAR) in Libertadores Cup 1984, so he had the ability but strangely he showed, may be he improved with the years. Also it was really difficult to shoot for him having in the same team players as Bochini, Burruchaga, Percudani, Baberon, Trossero, etc.
By the last, his header abilities was pretty good, he was able to win aerial battles in both areas and he didn't need so high and good jump because of his height was enough, as he hadn't well timing, he was more worried to implement his header abilities, and in this I watch also a bit better than Batista, and because of that reason I assigned him a point more.

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Re: Claudio MARANGONI | 1982-1984

Postby John1 » 2012 Feb 04, 07:23

The ratings for dribbling and passing are too low for a player considered to be the most gifted DM of Argentina alongside Redondo and Monti.
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Re: Claudio MARANGONI | 1982-1984

Postby Dimon » 2012 Mar 21, 01:23

Despite a lot of explanations, I have to say that:

BB is too low. He was more strength. For 82 as minimum (83 looks for me fair stat for him).

Despite of fact that he didn't run too much, he gets tired rarely. So, Stamina could go up by 1 point (83).

He wasn't so agile. I suggest Agility 78 as max.

SP also were grater. Perhaps 84 is a little high for him, but 83 will go well for sure. And he didn't curl ball too much, most of his shots gone for straight line, so I think that 73 in Curling would be fine.
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Re: Claudio MARANGONI | 1982-1984

Postby Paablito » 2016 Jun 18, 00:15

I dont know why he doesnt have the recognition here in the forum, probably why he didnt play in nt despite of a couple of matches and had bad lucky because Batista had a really good level in the WC 86.
He had one of the best presences in the pitch - obviously judging him by videos, couldn't watch him in live - being the dictator of the team when played for Indepte or in Boca showing a really nice variety of passes, showing really nice accuracy and vision. Also another key in his style was his dribbling and balance, he can hold the ball really near of his feet and when he used his body was almost imposible to beat - if you can watch him looks like he will lose the ball, but uses his body to protect it really well - keeping the position and winning meters in the pitch.
Another values what i found strange here are - besides his da and balance - are his agility, and the combo of sta/ment. He wasnt so agile, was much more notorius in his last years, quite dummy i will say :lol: he looks like mid green in that area and despite of hi doesnt move much in the pitch looks some harsh rating him with 82 and again, his determination and mentality in the pitch is something that was overlooked by the media and the general vision of the people.
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Re: Claudio Marangoni | 1982-1984

Postby Vickingo » 2016 Nov 22, 16:06

Updated and moved to the DB, thanks for the suggestions

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