Adolfo Machado, The Strongest

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Adolfo Machado, The Strongest

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Jun 28, 02:47


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Re: Adolfo MACHADO, CSD Comunicaciones

Postby Vickingo » 2011 Jun 28, 03:25

Hey mate I don't know him, BUT taking into account his height/weight, he's a thin guy. So, the agility seems unreal. Don't you think?
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Re: Adolfo MACHADO, CSD Comunicaciones

Postby ballack13 » 2011 Jun 28, 03:34

Honestly he doesn't appear very agile to me. Perhaps he could go up a point, two MAX.

He's a centerback though. Not like he is getting out of tight spots very often.
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Re: Adolfo Machado, Houston Dynamo

Postby Oriello » 2019 Jan 01, 00:17

Gave him an update on a set Akephalos had worked on.
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Re: Adolfo Machado, Houston Dynamo

Postby Akephalos » 2019 Jan 01, 03:15

Thanks Oriello!

Feel free to change values if necessary.
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