Leonardo Rodríguez | 1991-1993

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Leonardo Rodríguez | 1991-1993

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Nov 30, 00:48

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Re: Leonardo RODRIGUEZ | 1995-1996

Postby Luxo0x0 » 2010 Mar 11, 21:57

Good stats, I remember this guy quite well. Maybe activate "Playmaking" would be good.

I don't know why I think you're a Universidad de Chile's Fan XD.
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Re: Leonardo Rodríguez | 1991-1993

Postby Vickingo » 2016 Dec 12, 16:19

Added to the DB. Changed era to represent his best era at NT, quite similar player after this but his level at those Copa America was just insane. Probably set need some adjusts but the idea is in there...just decreased a little his ment and tw and raised his attack. I've got a headache to rate his agility and speed, he used to fluctuate a lot but his first steps to avoid defenders seemed to be great...not particulary fast off the ball but could mantain a great one on the ball.
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Re: Leonardo Rodríguez | 1991-1993

Postby dwid » 2017 Jun 24, 18:58

I love this guy. He's my idol. Awesome and deserved stats for an awesome player; the best '10' in U. de Chile history.
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Re: Leonardo Rodríguez | 1991-1993

Postby lucashag » 2017 Jul 05, 17:53

what a player!!

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Re: Leonardo Rodríguez | 1991-1993

Postby KeyserSoze » 2017 Jul 05, 20:10

That early 90s era in Chilean football was quite enjoyable to watch. Leo Rodríguez, Marcelo Espina, Beto Acosta, Néstor Gorosito, Rogelio Delgado (even if he was already a veteran CB at that time)...
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