Stefan Reuter | 1995-1997

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Stefan Reuter | 1995-1997

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Sep 21, 21:57

Club: Borussia Dortmund

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Re: Stefan Reuter | 1995-1997

Postby Albo7 » 2017 Jun 11, 23:23

Given an update to both him and Heinrich. Now, Reuter was the ultimate utility player during these years. He'd have a different position on the field every other game, he'd be a CB one match, a CM the other, and a WB the next one. During the 96-97 season he has played all of the roles I gave him in the set, all of them! And it was really hard choosing a main position for him, since during that season he'd play wherever Hitzfeld needed him to, but I opted for the *WB position coz it was his original role, and he played that role in some important matches of that period, including the legendary UCL final. He started to become a proper CB/SW later in his career tho.

Although the video aimar posted is from very early in his career, it's true that Reuter was much faster than Konami rated him, especially over the distances he was a speed demon. He had lost quite a bit from it by 97, but he was still amongst Borussias fastest, faster than Heinrich, who was quite a runner himself.

By this season he had lost his aggresiveness on and off the ball, and wasn't participating in attacks nearly as much as he used to in his Bayern days, he became much more defensive oriented, and was more part of the build up rather than out there to join the attack himself, despite still possesing speed and a mean cross that was always dangerous. Heinrich on the other hand was the opposite, he was good defensively but he was much more of a SMF rather than a WB when comparing him to Reuter, much more attack oriented, a trademark of his was cutting inside the left side, and giving out excellent crosses with his right foot. And he was less supportive than Reuter, you could see Reuter all over the field, while Heinrich was much rather to stick to his side, although the support he gave to that side was great.

Heinrich was a delicate technical player, with great lungs while Reuter was that guy you'd call a machine, great physically but a bit lacking technically.
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