Titi, Göztepe

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Titi, Göztepe

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Jul 10, 17:53

Full Name: Cristian Chagas Tarouco

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Re: TITI | Cristian Chagas Tarouco

Postby dsc748 » 2009 Jul 12, 00:14

continuing the story:

When ariving in the historic hill, he was under pression because he came from one of the worst defending teams in the league, but after the injury of Gian he got his place and after some good appearances got the position. Serious, strong as hell, a serious threat in set pieces and good positioning.

The skills are right IMO. Just his SP needs to be higher, 85 IMO, i will search the videos and then PM you, but now i don't have time. Just a curiosity, vasco never suffers from headers. Titi (1.88), Fernando (1.91), Vílson (1.89), Gian (1.92) are the main reasons. :lol:
pedala robinho
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Re: TITI | Cristian Chagas Tarouco

Postby pedala robinho » 2009 Jul 12, 00:20

Updated, mate! I remember about saw he taking a penalty in Inter youths, and his shot seemed really hard, but I was insure about this.

Anyways, what you think about the other stats?
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Re: TITI | Cristian Chagas Tarouco

Postby YuriFerreira » 2011 Jan 02, 19:00

Move to Bahia (loan).
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Re: Titi

Postby ohana » 2016 Jul 23, 17:50

playing for _tur Kasimpasa


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