Ricardo GOMES | 1988-1991

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Who was Benfica's best Centerback ever?

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Humberto Coelho
Ricardo Gomes
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Ricardo GOMES | 1988-1991

Postby p1rha » 2009 Apr 01, 00:31

Name: Ricardo Gomes Raimundo

Image Image
Ricardo Gomes scoring an overhead kick from a corner. Great players do great things!

Club: SL Benfica
Number: 4 (?)
Position: *CB
Nationality: Brazilian _bra
Age: 23-26 (13/12/1964)
Era: 1988/1991

Foot: L
Side: B

Height: 189 cm
Weight: 85 kg

Attack: 66
Defence: 90
Balance: 86
Stamina: 80
Top Speed: 77
Acceleration: 74
Response: 86
Agility: 77
Dribble Accuracy: 76
Dribble Speed: 70
Short Pass Accuracy: 77
Short Pass Speed: 76
Long Pass Accuracy: 77
Long Pass Speed: 72
Shot Accuracy: 66
Shot Power: 78
Shot Technique: 75
Free Kick Accuracy: 66
Curling: 68
Header: 88
Jump: 85
Technique: 80
Aggression: 63
Mentality/Tenacity: 83
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 82

Injury Tolerance: A
Form/Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5 (?)
Weak Foot Frequency: 5 (?)
Consistency: 6

*D-Line Control


Ricardo Gomes - Class, Security and... Goals!

28 goals in 158 games for Benfica, 4 goals in 45 games for the Brazilian selection.

Ricardo Gomes was one of those defenders who would stand up for the best reasons, always on the right spot he would authoritaly destroy the enemy's attack. Efficient at stealing balls by anticipation or tackle, he frequently provided the team with essential counter-strikes. As an extremely correct player, he was sent of only once due to a bad call of the ref who imagined a penalty that simply didn't exist. His height allowed him to scored 22 goals from dead balls, 15 of which were headers. He was also the first foreign player to captain Benfica and he also captained Brazil.


(great header at 5:05)

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Re: Ricardo Gomes | 1988 -1991

Postby HFClub » 2009 Jul 01, 11:15

Just a question: Is R.Gomes this worse than most of the other great Brazilians CB's?
In my opinion, no. In fact, his one of the best, and most charismatic of them all, in the last 50 years.
I would raise Defence to 91, Response to 90. Mentality by 3-4 points and Tech by 1-2.

Maybe it seems to you some brutal suggestion but based on his career, and comparing his quality with, as i mentioned, other great Brazil CB's, i think it would be fair.

Greetingz and keep up the good work
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Re: Ricardo Gomes | 1988 -1991

Postby p1rha » 2009 Jul 01, 12:00

I don't think he was better defensevly than Aldair, maybe just because of Aldair's physical presence... but most of the other brazilian CB's are just plain overated...
Anyway, do u really think he deserves yellow for technique? I won't give him 90 for response but i guess it would be ok to have defense in the orange zone. My problem is if he turns to be the best ever from Benfica,i want it to be H. Coelho!
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Re: Ricardo Gomes | 1988 -1991

Postby HFClub » 2009 Jul 01, 13:45

Probably you're right abot other brazilian CB's being overrated. Thats one big difficulty, when comparing players, to ackowledge the criteria that was used in each and everyone.
Well i think maybe the orange zone will fit just ok, and about MEN and TECH i stick to my opinion, but as a experienced stat creator i trust you to do the right thing.

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Re: Ricardo Gomes | 1988 -1991

Postby yourigo » 2011 Jan 16, 15:23

my dad moves to lisbon in 87 and so had plenty of oppurtunities to watch gomes and mozer playing together and this is what he told me about them: "mozer was known has the bad wolf because he was very aggressive and intimidating. compared to him bruno alves (known for his aggressiveness and general disregard for the opponents health) was a choir boy ("menino de coro"). he was almost as tall as bruno alves but he could jump higher than him, he could jump clean over another player (there are many pictures of bruno alves hitting the opponent's head with his knees so mozer would have probably hit it with his feet i guess). many times he would jump 2 or 3 meters forward to get the ball (instead of putting himself beneath it and then jump) and that's probably why the referees would forgive him some times, because he couldn't change directions while in mid-air and so couldn't avoid hitting other players in his way. obviously most forwards were afraid of him. ricardo gomes was the complete opposite, calm and composed, he had this strange ability to take the ball and leave the opponent thinking "where did it go?". they were the brazilian national team defenders and at some point were the best defensive partnership in europe."

edit - my dad just told me ricardo gomes was considered the best defender in the world in one of his years in benfica, wich considering the competition (i'm thinking of baresi here) is quite amazing. i'll be looking for confirmation on this but if someone finds it first please tell me
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