Arsenal FC - Formation & Tactics

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Arsenal FC - Formation & Tactics

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Aug 11, 17:39


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Re: Arsenal FC - Formations & Tactics

Postby SwedenStar » 2013 Sep 06, 13:01

Why you think Jenkinson will play before Sagna? Sagna is good this season, if he stays injury free nobody can change him @ RB...
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Re: Arsenal FC - Formations & Tactics

Postby Sefyu » 2013 Sep 09, 09:56

Da InvIncIblEs wrote:...

Cazorla keep playin left 4sure. Özil will play AMF instead of Rosicky most of the time, this is his best position by far.
You're right about Jenkinson, he hasn't much quality, Sagna will play RB, he is still very good at it. You say Flamini is a better RB than Sagna??? Absolutely NO way
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Re: Arsenal FC - Formations & Tactics

Postby Joak » 2013 Sep 09, 20:15

Sagna/Jenkinson rotating at RB, Cazorla in the left and Ozil in the center.
Rosicky causes a lot of danger, but is more for his one-twos, runs, etc, he hasn't been very good with the final ball (the key pass or the shot), i'll
take Ozil ahead of him. Ramsey and Arteta in the center, Wilshere and Ramsey can't play together at the moment... Ramsey has a lot of freedom to make preassure, runs, etc..., so he needs someone covering him, while Wilshere is the type of player that you want running from deep, being dinamic, making
one twos, through balls, etc. They are decent together cos they have a good workrate. Ramsey brings more estability than Wilshere, and also we have a lot
of creatvity with Santi and Ozil, so Wilshere will be benchesd :/

That's why i wanted someone like Cabaye, beacuse i see him like a very good reemplacement of Arteta ..., the duo of a technical and clever defensive midfielder with a dinamic, complete and tireless mid is becoming a perfect combination.
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Re: Arsenal FC - Team Tactics

Postby PIPA23 » 2013 Oct 19, 20:52

arsenal goal against Norwich.... beautifull.

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Re: Arsenal FC - Team Tactics

Postby jurgens » 2013 Oct 22, 21:43

It's impossible to establish a starting eleven. They have way too many mid fielders, and injuries everywhere so the starting eleven is changing basically every match. What should I do with this?

I could go with the assumption of


but again, nothing more than an assumption.. could easily see;

and then of course theres wilshere and rosicky...

as I said, impossible to establish a starting 11 atm
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Re: Arsenal FC - Team Tactics

Postby Brahms » 2013 Oct 23, 01:35

i agree, the only things that are facts, is giroud as a lone striker (what happened to walcott?), the 4 defenders, gibbs, kos, merte, sagna (vermaelen was absolutely benched) and szcesny as GK.

as i said before flamini is the joker, he will substitute arteta when he is not fit, or whoever is beside him (ramsey or wilshere), the other one who will be a constant starter is ozil. the only thing for sure to me, is they will play with 5 midfielder most of the time, we will see.
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Re: Arsenal FC - Team Tactics

Postby Brahms » 2013 Nov 13, 00:19

as long as wishere is injured, and he will be a lot of times, rosicky will play. my question is, when cazorla, ozil and rosicky play together, do they play with two wide AM's (cazorla and rosicky) or simply as SMF's. Also arteta is finally used as a DMF while ramsey do what he want?

Another thing, i think this guy Gnabry will need a set really soon, interesting player indeed, the last minutes he entered against ManU he did some nice touches and has his mind really clear in what he must and need to do. also really quick, want to see the next generation with Gnabry and Zelalem playing together
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Re: Arsenal FC - Team Tactics

Postby Vranny » 2014 May 13, 04:40

While trying to get my PES 6 OF in order before next season I put together this formation for a fully fit Arsenal XI:

ARSENAL F.C. 2013/14


RB: Bacary SAGNA
LB: Kieran GIBBS
DM: Mikel ARTETA (c)
AM: Mesut OZIL
CF: Olivier GIROUD

Long Free Kick: OZIL / CAZORLA
Right Corner: OZIL
Penalty Kick: ARTETA

Any comments?
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Re: Arsenal FC - Team Tactics

Postby Brahms » 2015 Jan 20, 22:32

any idea of this season formations?
the one i liked the most...


i like ospina but i've seen way too few matches of him.
of course the first RB option is debuchy but since he is injured, i prefer bellerin (who is doing a great work) over chambers in that place.
nothing to say about the CBs since there are no options, chambers is way too inexperienced and monreal is not good enough.
Hard to say about the LB but i believe Gibbs is better, but monreal is better at defending.
the midfield is a mystery to me, we don't have wilshere, ramsey is far from the level he showed last season and flamini... well is flamini. the only one who shouldn't be removed is Santi, what a tremendous player he is when he plays in the position he likes, he kinda disappears when is commanded to play in the left flank. The other one who has played really well, even if he has played so little, is rosicky, i prefer him over ramsey by any means.
well the attack, i believe those three are the best options but i can't understand how can AW prefer welbeck over joel campbell, just give the guy a chance, i can't stand watching so many opportunities wasted because welbeck can't shoot to goal and prefers passing back to a completely marked teammate. i like giroud and his heading abilities are obvious, but i wouldn't be against someone like cavani for example...
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Re: Arsenal FC - Formation & Tactics

Postby Zala-Man » 2016 May 12, 11:01

GK: Cech
RB: Bellerin
RCB: Gabriel/Mertesacker
LCB: Koscielny
LB: Monreal/Gibbs
RDMF: El Neny/Coquelin
LCMF: Ramsey/Wilshere
AMF: Ozil
LWF: Iwobi/Chamberlain/Campbell
RWF: A. Sanchez/Walcott
CF: Giroud/ Welbeck

Right Corner: Ozil
Left Corner: Ozil
Long Free Kick: Ozil
Short Free Kick: Ozil
Penalty Taker: A. Sanchez
Captain: Koscielny / Go up: Koscielny, Gabriel, Giroud

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Re: Arsenal FC - Formation & Tactics

Postby Brahms » 2016 Aug 29, 01:45

Now this is a team with really few weaknesses (if both transfers are made mustafi - perez) its been a while since i´ve seen a solid player in every position with the exception of CF.
This is probably the best midfield i can think of, with santi and xhaka partnership giving ozil some freedom, the passing will not be an issue anymore, even xhaka has a nice pressure abilities benching coquelin without much effort.
Holding is good, but way too inexperienced and with the addition of mustafi (maybe) the back line will be finally a solid defense without too many flaws (i hope, mustafi could have a hard time adapting to the league).
My only concern right now is the attacking trio wich i hope is just as dangerous as i expect. i see somthing like sanchez as LWF, Perez as a RWF/SS and probably giroud as a CF but wenger can play a little there. Walcott should be benched right away, and chamberlain shouldn't be a starter.
As i said, this are just ideas, but if all goes well and everyone do what they are expected to do, then finally i can see a team who can dominate any team in the EPL (just when every other "big" team as been reforced too, ManU, ManC, chelsea and liverpool have great teams and managers right now)
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Re: Arsenal FC - Formation & Tactics

Postby Houy » 2016 Aug 29, 16:43

if Mustafi and Xhaka were in Arsenal last year ,they would have won the league with little doubt, Wenger must love playing with a handicap.
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Re: Arsenal FC - Formation & Tactics

Postby Brahms » 2016 Aug 30, 02:42

yeah, non-transfers and using players like chambers and ramsey in every position all the time
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Re: Arsenal FC - Formation & Tactics

Postby pjohnson » 2016 Dec 27, 13:44


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