My Apology (please read)

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My Apology (please read)

Postby Vickingo » 2011 Nov 16, 13:00

Well, now that what happened was months ago I want to say something about it. As all you know, I was designed to update with the new format Turkish League. My intentions about it were just help because general_suvorov was lonely there and he couldn't be too much active, so he agreed and trusted in me. I was very enthusiastic with this and I tried to make the best possible my work there, updating all players with clear wrong stats. Here was my huge mistake: I have the mistake to want to be everywhere sometimes and try to fix what I watch bad; I didn't realize that I was doing "damage" changing stats, just "standarizing". I was crap doing there, I recognize and I want to apologize with EACH mod/user here, cause I wasn't capable to limit myself in update with the new format that league. I could do it in 8 teams (If I remember well), but Nrby was right deleting me from there. Because of this reason, I was thinking to does this from some time ago but I hadn't time and I wanted to let things I could do now.

I think that with some mods/users I've apologized by PM; but from others that I hadn't time to explain this by PM, just that, I'm so sorry and I had a huge bad moment, and this won't be happen again. I've learned a lot since that situation, how to manage better a league, how to manage some users and obviously of stats. As I always say, I'm totally open to receive suggestions in AFA's players, as other user here...and I want to focuse my work there cause is the most that I know and I'm in love with my country league. If you take a moment to revise AFA will notice an improvement since 3/4 months, and I think that's good, also from users; there isn't more unexplained suggestions, fights, useless comments (just from noobs/lost members).

So, my intention is to recover your confidence in me cause I had a crazy moment and with the intention of make better things to this site, I commited a huge mistake. So, again, my apologizes to ALL mods/users here, and I'll try to do the best for this site, as the first moment. The difference from 3/4 months is the bad experience that I had.


PS: Thanks Albo7 for the advice to post this not only in Mod Section.

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Re: My Apology (please read)

Postby Fixer » 2011 Nov 16, 16:36

I think that's fine Victor. We all know you're sorry and If It can be fixed there's no greater problem, It helps and nobody Is perfect, gotta learn from mistakes and that's something we always do. I understand you wanted to expand your work and stuff because you've been doing really good in the league, you just have to be a bit more open minded to what's out there and don't get upset so easily with what you dislike. We are here for fun after all, this Is all about a game!
kunmariano wrote:
Ajacied_Breda1 wrote:Why don't you just bugger off for a bit, kunmariano. I've got better things to do then read your biased tripe.

ey friend learns to write, DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING YOU !!!!... who believes you got a problem here?

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Re: My Apology (please read)

Postby Falcon » 2011 Nov 16, 19:35

not have to apologize for Victor, you always do things right, you are a worker and no one is perfect as Fixer says, mistakes and you learn you are human, you are entitled to be wrong. I recommend that you calm down and not stress, that is bad, better to be calm and quiet obsessed and doing the wrong thing. :D

vickingo_73 wrote:(just from noobs/lost members)

I think I know who are :lol:

and do not worry bro, Relax, breathe and calm!
live, be happy, do not waste your time and make the most of life, which is one.

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Re: My Apology (please read)

Postby jorgecavs » 2011 Nov 30, 17:27

I forgive you... but that does not happen again. :)

victo wrote:(just from noobs/lost members)

I hope that does not concern me. :?
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Re: My Apology (please read)

Postby gotaa » 2012 Mar 24, 19:42

Well, I don't feel like I have to 'forgive' you, you didn't make anything bad to me personally, and I don't have nothing personal with you. That's why I reply here, after reading back what I wrote in that other thread, I feel now that I've been too hard on you and emphasized my message on your past mistakes and without remarking how good has been your work in the latest period. What I wrote there is nothing more than what I believed/thought was an error when those huge amount of players were sent in Nacional B mostly by julgui and you. I generalized my thoughts especially about julgui on you, and that's a mistake from my part. For instance, I still believe it is phisically and logically impossible to watch every match, but I've come to realize that I can't judge you with my personal appreciation when I don't know if you watch 30, 15, 14, 6, or 1 match truly in a period. When I said "we the Argentinians are used to talk without knowing" is a general way of thinking I have not only from here in PSD but in most aspects of our lives, there are a lot of examples everyday, and wasn't pointed to you directly. That's why many times when you asked me to give an opinion on something I didn't do it, as I prefer to say things when I have real knowledge on them.

I don't think you're a bad person or something like that, only that maybe (as other members said, you had a lot of enthusiasm) and wanted to take in everything under your 'area', when it's not any shame to admit one self's 'ignorance'. I'm sorry for 'judging' you, we all make mistakes. Mine there was to not recognise every great thing you did in AFA and only pointing the bad things. I really appreciate your predisposition you've always had and your constant help in AFA. I hope there are no remorses.

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