Sándor KOCSIS | 1952-1955

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Sándor KOCSIS | 1952-1955

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 10, 17:40

Nickname: "Golden Head"

Club: Budapest Honvéd


Spoiler: show
Side: R

Consistency: 7
Growth type: Early/Lasting


During the 1950s, along with Ferenc Puskás, Zoltán Czibor, József Bozsik and Nándor Hidegkuti, Sándor Kocsis Péter (born: 21/09/1929) was one of the legendary Mighty Magyars. His partnership with Puskás stood out as the most threatening in world football at the time.

After the 1956 Hungarian Revolution he moved to Spain where he became a prominent member of the successful CF Barcelona team of the late 1950s. In 1961 he also played as a guest for Valencia CF and helped them win their own summer trophy, the Trofeo Naranja. He scored in both games as Valencia beat Botafogo and FC Barcelona. He was an all round forward being a magnificent finisher, very strong, great at positioning and most of all brilliant in the air.

Nicknamed Golden Head, Kocsis was a prolific goalscorer for both Budapest Honvéd and Hungary. While playing for Honvéd, he was the top goal scorer in any European league in both 1952 and 1954. He also scored 75 goals in 68 appearances for Hungary. This included a record seven hat tricks. 11 of these goals and two of these hat tricks were scored at the 1954 World Cup. He became the first player ever to score two hat tricks in a World Cup and finished the tournament as top scorer. Only Just Fontaine has scored more goals in a single World Cup.






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Re: Sándor KOCSIS | 1954/55

Postby NoSecurity90 » 2009 Feb 14, 19:15

I think his correct size/weight is 177 cm/73 kg.

I'm not sure, i guess he's a little bit underrated. Dribble Accuracy, Shot Accuracy, Shot Technique and Technique should be a little bit better in my opinion, i mean he was one of the best scorers of all time.
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Re: Sándor KOCSIS | 1954/55

Postby Oriello » 2009 Feb 16, 21:52

The height and weight you apparently are correct on, I just googled it and the 180/79 values did not return anything substantial, but your values hit several sources. Will let Brezza shoots us down if we are both wrong and he has some good source we missed. :P

About your semi-suggestions, you stated some stats were underrated but listed no possible numbers rated against other players to make a point, simply that he was one of the best scorers, but does not command him to having great stats in every category. ;) Please do not find offence in this comment as I am only trying to be helpful so that you can make well thought out and plausible suggestions that will garner more attention and possible agreements.

About the three areas, Dribble Accuracy -- A slight raise I could see it, from what I recall, but 80-81 might be the maximum though, I would need to go through some of the vids agains to really be definate. Yes he did have some solid control for what was essentially a clever poacher, but did he really use the Dribbling to an extent to beat players. :? :?:

Shooting -- I think is okay, considering he was most greatly famed for his lethality with his head, with which he finished a great many goals. His poaching abilities definately aid him in his scoring of 'easier/simple' efforts, though I did see some bloody great finishes, one that sticks in my mind was from the 54 World Cup a beautiful curler from outside the box.

Technique --Not sure at all, 83 is already good in genreal for any player on this database, as it is not really a poor touch. Do not really know if he had substantially better instant control. :|
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Re: Sándor KOCSIS | 1954/55

Postby Brezza » 2009 Feb 16, 22:40

Ive raised dribbling slightly, from what ive seen he had alright ball control but certainly was no wizard on the ball, id say that it was mostly his suprising strength that helped him hold onto the the ball rather than attempting to dribble his way through them. Not sure where I got those height/weight most likely pulled it out of my arse.. :? and yes he was a great finisher but it was mainly his great sense of poaching combined with his immense heading ability that contributed It also helps being part of probably best team in the world at the time that worked so well in tandem.
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Re: Sándor KOCSIS | 1954/55

Postby NoSecurity90 » 2009 Feb 17, 15:46

I think you're right. He had a good control of the Ball, but wasn't a really good dribbler.

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