Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

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Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 10, 17:38

Stats by Ndre, T-rex and Brezza (with suggestions form s-cobar)

Club: 1. FC Kaiserslautern


Growth type: Early/Lasting


One of the true legends in German football, Fritz Walter, will always have a special position in his own country. Born in 1920, he missed many years of his career because of World War II, but still made his debut for the national team during those years. He played only for one club through-out his career, his birthtown club 1.FC Kaiserslautern where he won two German league championships as a playmaker and striker in the early 1950s.

In 1954, national team coach Sepp Herberger made Fritz Walter his captain as the West German team travelled across the border to Switzerland to participate in their first World Cup after the war. Walter was now 33 and lead the Germans through to the final where they met Hungary. A team which hadn’t lost a match in four years! The Germans, with many reserves, lost 8-3 in the first round when the two teams met earlier in the tournament, and despite trailing by two goals already after ten minutes in the final, Walter drove his team forward. Amazingly enough, West Germany recovered and scored a winning goal in the dying minutes to win their first World Cup. Also in the team was Fritz's brother Ottmar making them the first brothers to win the World Cup. A proud captain Fritz Walter, who scored three goals in the tournament himself, could collect the trophy.

Walter captained West Germany also in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden as they reached the semifinals losing to the hosts 3-1 in Gothenburg. Fritz retired the following year, but coach Herberger had a hard time accepting that, and he seriously tried to persuade Walter to join the German team for the Chile World Cup in 1962 with no success. Walter was then almost 42! To illustrate his greatness and position, Fritz Walter made the German Team of the Century voted by the people in 1999. Kaiserslautern paid tribute to him by naming their stadium after him on his 65th birthday in 1985.

It was popular knowledge in Germany that Walter appeared to play better the worse the weather was, and so now the term "Fritz Walter's weather" is used to describe rainy weather conditions, often rendered with odd local dialect grammar "of Fritz, his weather". This is because he, as many other soldiers, had contracted malaria during the war, thus rendering him unable to stand the heat of the sun. The 1954 World Cup final was played in "Fritz Walter's weather" conditions.



http://www.storiedicalcio.altervista.or ... alter.html ... e.php?id=1 ... index.html ... er-en.html

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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1954/1955

Postby s-cobar » 2009 Sep 11, 08:01

His Number was the 16.

His SA is underrated, he play killer passes.

Curl is totally underrated - he was one of the best cornerkick taker at the 50s.

Also ayou can delete SMF and CF.

He play as a SS or a AM. no other positions.

TS and Acc can be decreased

And his LPS must be higher than his LPA
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1954-1955

Postby prosser2k10 » 2009 Sep 20, 14:12

Bad weather*
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1954-1955

Postby Krakatau » 2010 Apr 11, 16:40

He scored 306 goals in 379 matches as an AM for Kaiserslautern, so I think his shooting skills should be better...yes, and his corners were really dangerous...just look at wm 54 final I think the 2:2 was scored after a corner from Walter...
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1954-1955

Postby vapo22 » 2010 Jul 05, 10:30

In this site is a Fritz official Fritz Walter, from J.League Winning eleven 2008 Club championship.

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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1954-1955

Postby SpongeBob » 2010 Jul 11, 13:38

SA must be at least on 87-88. He was one of the best scorers out of all midfielders in history. As well as one of the best playmakers and probably the best German
player ever.
Why isn't there any info? He should have growth type Early Lasting. RES should go to 89.
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1954-1955

Postby zguc » 2010 Aug 13, 16:52

I would not go so far with SA, perhaps the value of 85/86 would be much more realistic.
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1954-1955

Postby Malakayi » 2010 Aug 29, 00:56

prosser2k10 wrote:SPECIAL ABILITIES:
Bad weather*

Fritz-Walter-Wetter as we Germans say :lol:
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

Postby fred_spatrol » 2010 Nov 14, 02:08

I think it is too little for a class player walter Shot Accuracy: 86
Shot Power: 85
Shot Technique: 86.
because he became 357 goals in 364 games in his club and another 33 in 61 games for Germany.
Shot Accuracy: 92
Shot Power: 87
Shot Technique: 92
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

Postby Luxo0x0 » 2010 Dec 30, 01:15

Can someone explain me why bad weather?... XD.

BTW, Good Stats... Great Player
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

Postby Krakatau » 2011 Jan 29, 21:38

It is popular knowledge in Germany that Walter appeared to play better the worse the weather was. This is because he had contracted malaria during the war, thus rendering him unable to stand the heat of the sun.
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

Postby Pirata Almanega » 2011 Jul 12, 17:43

Hab: Bad weather?
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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

Postby BigStu » 2011 Sep 16, 14:56

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Re: Fritz WALTER | 1950-1955

Postby Yazid » 2013 Nov 26, 12:02

Walter's shooting stats seem phenomenally harsh, I've only seen clips from the 54 world cup on him, but his goal return was 380 goals in 411 games for Kaiserlautern...

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