Malcolm MACDONALD | 1971-1976

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Malcolm MACDONALD | 1971-1976

Postby Tom » 2008 Dec 10, 21:19

Suggestions by Brezza

Name: Malcolm Ian Macdonald

Nickname: "Supermac"


Club: Newcastle United
Number: 9
Position: *CF
Nationality: English _eng
Age: 21-26 (07/01/1950)
Era 1971/1976

Foot: L
Side: B

Height: 178 cm
Weight: 84 kg

Attack: 88
Defence: 34
Balance: 85
Stamina: 88
Top Speed: 93
Acceleration: 95
Response: 90
Agility: 81
Dribble Accuracy: 78
Dribble Speed: 88
Short Pass Accuracy: 70
Short Pass Speed: 71
Long Pass Acc: 72
Long Pass Speed: 70
Shot Accuracy: 88
Shot Power: 89
Shot Technique: 88
Free Kick Accuracy: 65
Curling: 74
Header: 89
Jump: 86
Technique: 79
Aggression: 91
Mentality/Tenacity: 81
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 84

Injury Tolerance: B
Form/Condition/Fitness: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6
Consistency: 7
Growth type: Standard

P13: Goal Poacher
S03: 1-on-1 Finish

P15: Goal Poacher
S03: 1-on-1 Finish

*1-1 Scoring

PES 2011 / 2010 Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


Malcolm Macdonald is one of the most remembered – and loved – football players in the UK; he is also known to be one of the most popular football legends in the world, with die-hard fans remembering his spectacular football career. The highlight of his career would have to be his period with Newcastle United – scoring an amazing hat-trick on his very first home debut and becoming the club’s top scorer for five consecutive seasons – and of course the unforgettable European Championship performance back in 1975.

Aside from his achievements in the world of football, there are also other interesting things you should really enjoy about Malcolm Macdonald. For starters, he appeared on the BBC TV show Superstars in 1975. Not only that, he booked a spectacular 10.4 seconds record in a 100m sprint. That time alone would have secured him a place in the Great Britain 4×100m relay team for the Montreal Olympics. It also proved his fearsome pace and amazing stamina, two of his best traits when it comes to playing football.

Although Macdonald had a drinking problem for quite a while after he quit football, he stopped drinking in 1997 and is now living a healthier lifestyle. His effort to quit drinking was admired by many football fans around the world who were also inspired to quit drinking themselves.

His commemorated 5 goals when England faced Cyprus in an European Championship qualifying match was not the only thing remembered by fans indeed, especially because there are so many stories about Macdonald that are interesting to tell.

Explanations about his Playing Style

As a football player, Malcolm Macdonald was considered to be one of the best. His career with Newcastle United was simply unforgettable, making the 1971 to 1976 period highly enjoyable to follow. His playing style was considered to be rather unique, although he was mainly aggressive and always looking for chances to score a goal for the team.

Malcolm Macdonald was known as an aggressive player indeed. Newcastle United manager Joe Harvey brought him to the team – with a cool £180,000 transfer – after seeing his aggressive plays and superb performances with Luton Town; at that time, Macdonald scored 49 goals in 88 matches for Luton. He proved Harvey’s decision to be correct when he surprises everyone and scored a hat-trick on his home debut against Liverpool.

Malcolm Macdonald’s most dangerous weapon was his pace. He was a player that can literally set the pace of the game and control enemies’ defensive lines and forcing them to keep up. He was also a superbly sharp player, capable of spotting even the slightest chance of a goal and turning that change into a spectacular point for the team.

Although he was an attacker playing in center-forward position, he often assisted the midfielders in doing their job and created countless opportunities for a counter attack. Again, his pace was his greatest weapon; with superb stamina, amazing quality, and his infamous mighty shot, scoring goals using counter attack was simply the kind of moments football fans from all around the world remembered him for.


Luton Town
88 League Appearances
49 Goals

Newcastle United
187 League Appearances
95 Goals

84 League Appearances
42 Goals

14 International Appearances
6 Goals


(1:00) & (1:47)


ADDITIONAL LINKS:,,10278~2108752,00.html ... ton=Search

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Re: Malcolm MACDONALD | 1973/1974

Postby SpongeBob » 2010 Jan 20, 08:39

Now with these stats he'll be one of the most dangerous strikers in PES game. I really doubt about his so high shooting stats.
With his huge TS,ACC, RES at 90 and shooting abilities like this he looks unstoppable. There is no SB who could catch him, and
if there is maybe someone capable of that, he'll score from distance. I tested him in PES 2010 with these stats and he's like a
machine,there is no way of stopping him. He'd score more goals than Puskas,Pele and other legends.
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Re: Malcolm MACDONALD | 1973-1974

Postby Brezza » 2011 Apr 12, 16:11

Updated to new format and given a slight overhaul as some of these stats were pretty over the top.

Foot: R>L

Attack: 93>88, Stamina: 83>88, Top Speed: 96>93 Acceleration: 98>95 Shot Power: 91>90 Shot Technique: 94>88
added goal poacher

Extended era: 1971-1976

WFA: 5>6
WFF: 5>6

I've compared in a few areas to another Newcastle legend Jackie Milburn who was a pretty similar player.

Dropped attack as Newcastle mainly used his speed on the counter attack to get goals, he was constantly looking to break through enemies’ defensive lines and scoring goals almost in every match. However he did have a keen positional sense about him in and around the box shown at his time at Arsenal. Their style of play was slightly different though, using the best out of George Armstrong and Liam Brady who were the two best crossers in the country at the time. Besides I think it was his response that was his main weapon he superbly sharp player, capable of spotting even the slightest chance of a goal and turning that change into a spectacular point for the team.

His 100M record was extraordinary but we still should still rate players on how fast they were on the football field I didnt see that he was noticeably faster than todays fastest players. Granted todays players have feather like boots and grass pitches smoother than a Cashmere codpiece, but Joszef Bican was lowered from similar speed stats for the same reasons so he wouldn't become to overpowered so I've given him similar speed stats. He also processed great stamina as you would expect from a running athlete so Im not sure why it was rated so average.

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