Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

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Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby Scotty Africa » 2009 Dec 30, 22:40

Name: Robert Jarni


Club: Real Betis
Number: 11, 17 (Real Betis); 17 (1998 World Cup)
Position: *SB, WB, SMF
Nationality: Croatian _cro
Age: 26-29 (26/10/1968)
Era: 1995/1998

Foot: L
Side: L

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 77 kg

Attack: 76
Defence: 65
Balance: 79
Stamina: 90
Top Speed: 93
Acceleration: 88
Response: 80
Agility: 85
Dribble Accuracy: 82
Dribble Speed: 89
Short Pass Accuracy: 80
Short Pass Speed: 78
Long Pass Accuracy: 85
Long Pass Speed: 84
Shot Accuracy: 73
Shot Power: 87
Shot Technique: 74
Free Kick Accuracy: 77
Curling: 83
Header: 70
Jump: 74
Technique: 80
Aggression: 84
Mentality/Tenacity: 79
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 80

Injury Tolerance: A
Form/Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 4
Weak Foot Frequency: 4
Consistency: 6
Growth type: Standard

P01: Overlapping Run
P06: Speed Merchant
P07: Mazing Run
P09: Early Cross
P11: Cut Back Pass
P13: Long Ranger
S02: Passing
S06: Outside Curve

*Middle Shooting

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


Robert Jarni (born 26 October 1968) was in an era of wingbacks during the mid 1990s one of the best of them all. He was a raiding player down the left flank who created numerous goals with his high crosses into the box for his strikers. Jarni was also a key member of the now legendary 1987 World Youth Cup winning squad along with fellow croats Šuker, Boban, Prosinečki and Štimac. After leaving Hadjuk Split he would go onto to Italy where he played short spells at Bari and Torino before joining Juventus where he played one season with Juve at their mid 1990s peak.

However it is at Real Betis where he settled and played his best football at club and international level. This allowed him to become the team's all-time most-capped player with 81 caps, although the record he held for four years following his retirement was by now surpassed by Dario Šimić, who won his 82nd cap in June 2006.

The crowning moment of his career was the 1998 World Cup in France, where he played a significant part in the Croatian team that surprisingly won the bronze medals, becoming the first debut team to reach the World Cup semi-finals since Portugal in 1966. Jarni also scored the first goal in Croatia's 3-0 victory over highly favoured Germany in the quarter-finals of the tournament.


ADDITIONAL LINKS: ... p?id=14305 ... index.html ... ert-jarni/

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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby SpongeBob » 2010 Feb 04, 14:53

Nice stats here. I suggest adding *outside in special abilities and raising SP to 84-85. 8-)
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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby REAL_MADRID » 2010 Apr 24, 21:12

Hi Scotty,
I think that he is very underrated here in some aspects
My suggestions:

Attack: 77, He was a minded-attack SB, like Dani Alves (78)
Response: 82, 77 in response is too low for him
DA: 83, (+1) Good in dribbles
LPS: 85, He kick hard the ball in the long passes
SA: 73, He has a great shot and scored a lot of goals, 68 is ridiculous
SP: 88-90, His left leg was a missile
ST: 74 He scored some goals in difficults situations
Technique: 80, He has a good touch of the ball and deserves to be in yellow numbers
Aggresion: 84, Same situation as attack, he go up a lot
Mentality: 82, 72 is ridiculous :S
*Middle Shooting (Most of his goals in Betis were in long shots)
-My suggestions are based on his Betis era, not in his NT games.

He was one of the most loved players and really one of the Betis' stars in his peak times.
;) Cheers
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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby SpongeBob » 2010 Apr 24, 23:01

Actually I think these are default stats from WE (not sure which edition), he was in spanish liga all stars and the only difference is TS was on 94. And I
strongly disagree in reducing it on 93. That was what he was most famous of.
I don't want you to think I'm not objective here so I'll quote Roberto Carlos's words: "Robert Jarni was the only player faster than me". This famous
statement comes from R.Carlos's peak years when they were playing together, actually he said this when Robi left Real. So it means he was faster than
Carlos in his peak and not now when he is 36-37 years old. Therefore Jarni must be at least 1 point above classic Roberto Carlos. I don't know what
value classic Carlos has but Jarni is surely worth 95.
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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby zguc » 2010 May 06, 12:03

SP 82?! looks funny ...

Robert Jarni along with R. Carlos was the best left back in the world for a long time, even at one time was in front of R. Carlos at Real Madrid. Few seem underrated his value. Must be updated.
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Plava Čigra
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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby Plava Čigra » 2010 May 27, 15:36

After reading all suggestions and thinking about Jarni's playing style and skills, I've updated him.

Attack: 75>76,
Response: 77>80,
Long Pass Speed: 79>84,
Shot Accuracy: 68>73,
Shot Power: 82>87,
Shot Technique: 70>74,
Technique: 77>80,
Aggression: 82>84,
Mentality: 72>79,

Form/Condition/Fitness: 5>6 (over 30 games per season),

Added Growth type: Standard + S06: Outside Curve/*Outside + P13: Long Ranger/*Middle Shooting + Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded.


I was just wondering does he need WB as secondary position? To be completely honest, I always saw him more as *WB then as *SB. But then again maybe his offensive style of playing deceived me...
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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby SpongeBob » 2010 May 27, 16:02

Plava Čigra wrote:I was just wondering does he need WB as secondary position?

Yes,yes and yes. In NT he was always playing as WB. To be honest I gave him WB as primary position in my OF.
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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby slafko » 2011 Dec 22, 08:22

I'd say his conditioning should be 8. He was a pro's pro. If he was playing today he would be top 5 left backs in the world. Not that he wasn't during his days :)
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Re: Robert JARNI l 1995-1998

Postby Korinov » 2011 Dec 22, 13:04

What has Condition to do with him being a top leftback? 39 matches played in 1995-96, 36 in 1996-97 and 34 in 1997-98. Hardly worthy of a 8 Cond.
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