Nathan Tyson, Notts County FC

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Nathan Tyson, Notts County FC

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Mar 09, 23:23

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Re: Nathan TYSON

Postby Softy » 2009 Mar 10, 07:29

Nice one Paddy, keep up the good work.

I'd say he might be even faster...
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Re: Nathan TYSON

Postby Paddy » 2009 Mar 10, 23:58

Yeah, I was unsure on whether to have TS at 87 or 86.
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Re: Nathan Tyson, Doncaster Rovers

Postby anOKguy » 2019 Sep 17, 17:41 missing a chance here for Notts County goal here on the half volley gets a goal in the preseason friendly here yeah, I can score these too Here too he doesn't need to use speed or movement, although his placement is quality do keepers not move even in the slightest he just jogs around but holy shit was terrible by the defender and keeper no, really this was a goal at this level yeah ok I can confirm he isn't that fast anymore and this is painfully bad... never let me complain about Ogbonna's defending again and that shot is slower than my crippled grandmother timidly crossing the road just more footage since I'm posting everything I can find on the trio of Notts County players poor touch from him here

He is definitely slower, and since this is the 5th division 1000% not 70s attack anymore... because the past isn't how we dictate current ratings for old washed up players in lower leagues. If only that was a more accepted practice in some areas. Anyways, yeah I can try to watch him again, but if he really is in your game, and there is no reason he should be, use with extreme caution. Should go without saying. I have assumptions from about a dozen game highlights I ended up watching of the 3 Notts County players we have and will update a bit, but still take that with a grain of salt. Use at your own discretion.

I gave him a needed update. He is really old, but still is willing to do some pressing of CBs and the GK when he comes on, but gets tired super fast. Shots are pretty accurate but slow. He can be invisible against the worst of opponents. I would recommend against using him in game, but that is just me. This at least makes it look like what I saw from the dozen or so games sampled above and not like he could he getting a boost in Italy at this age for some nondescript reason.

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