George Elokobi, Maidstone United FC

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George Elokobi, Maidstone United FC

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 17, 09:22

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Re: George ELOKOBI

Postby tuco55 » 2012 Mar 14, 14:29

On loan to Nottingham Forest until the end of the season.
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Re: George Elokobi

Postby Dert » 2014 Aug 22, 11:56

He plays Oldham Athletic (England 3rd league), he is really so cheaty?
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Re: George Elokobi, Colchester United

Postby duck23 » 2018 Aug 31, 19:49

Isn't it supposed to be Physical Contact that high? Elokobi is really all that strong but I think Body Control is more related to Agility right?
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Re: George Elokobi, Colchester United

Postby BigStu » 2018 Sep 01, 21:24

I’ll take a look, like most players those stats are auto generated so whilst many might be agreeable within a margin of error there will be outliers, anyway whole sets off , not even sure it’s been touched in a way since he was at wolves in the epl, no doubt old standards apply and there’s no way he’s this good anymore
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Re: George Elokobi, Maidstone United FC

Postby anOKguy » 2019 Oct 17, 15:30 coming over very late on the challenge and missing in the box... a recipe for disaster! not even trying to get close showing off some of that strength shit touch, looks unagile, and shit pass what garbage defending is this? big whiff that turns into a goal nah bro, defending that wide open CF in the box is not your responsibility shit passing super unagile nah bro, don't move your massive head in the way he is so muscular he can barely move lazy and shitty can't jump I can crawl faster than the balls he passes confirmation here he is SLOW and LAZY but strong bad header and jump again loses in the air shit awareness again terrible defending and speed wow this is bad and it continues

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