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Max Kruse

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Jan 28, 13:21

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Re: Max Kruse

Postby pcrooce » 2019 Mar 29, 13:49

all of his speed stats should be lower than this as he's not this kind of player anymore he now relies much more on teammates, linking up plays on the middle really well and not just finishing them on his own.

along with those changes, he should get overall better passing values and tw.

the best Bremen performer alongside Eggestein.
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Re: Max Kruse

Postby Akephalos » 2019 Jul 14, 05:50

Well, I made the final update for Kruse before move him to Fenerbahce. Kruse is class, very complete and well rounder player, has a bit of everything, he is very smart and effective when it comes to offensive plays, he always make smart and quick decissions. I lowered the speed stats, as he wasnt as fast as before, pcrooce was right, he relies much more on team mates and he moves around making the team play. His long passing is actually very good, he has that vision to make those trough long passes that made Rashica/Osako/Harnik have clear 1 on 1 situations.

He will be missed because he was really important for Werder Bremen, without being "amazing" he was extremely productive in his role.
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