Leonel Vangioni

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Leonel Vangioni

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Jun 01, 04:56


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Re: Leonel Vangioni

Postby chamakh » 2016 Jun 09, 20:39

Move him to Milan
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Re: Leonel Vangioni

Postby Paablito » 2016 Jun 10, 01:43

Well did some tweaks, who was really deserved time ago. Raised his ment and long passes - his crossing always be really nice to see - but decreased his form to 5, kinda inconsistent the last season. Probably his acc and sta arent in that level, but not sure. Anyway, im happy with the set, seems pretty accurate.
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Re: Leonel Vangioni

Postby Ramindbroken » 2016 Jun 10, 02:59

The only thing I don't like is that 73 BW, I'd give him mid 60's and that would be a lot already.
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Re: Leonel Vangioni

Postby JeffVR98 » 2017 May 29, 02:50

Well the season has ending and probaly the main skill that needs to be down is LPA, his crossings are more a combination of power and unaccuracy, it seens that he don't have more that touch when he was in Argentina probably he will deserved 76-77.

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