Milan Gajić

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Milan Gajić

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Oct 05, 05:55

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Gajic came over from Serbian league as a CMF, and has been tried out as a LMF/WF as well as a LB.
He is a definite defensive liability. His positioning is so bad that he often is chasing the player because he was out of position. Other times he makes clumsy challenges, or relies on his average response to try to make a poke at the ball often resulting in a whiff.
His best quality is his passing. Both Long and Short are very good quality. He could deserve the *Passing, as he has a lot of assists. But I'd like to get more thoughts on that.

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Re: Milan GAJIĆ

Postby jmg721 » 2009 Nov 02, 21:56

Notes vs Marseille:
RCMF 20 Gajic - a good RF cross/not quick on the ball/with some space tried a LF shot from distance and jsut wide/LF CK from RCK spot kicked long/caught in posession from behind...didn't see it/poor spass give away/another poor spass give away/awesome LFK pass with a lot of pace and curl almost got an assist...good LPA too/

Notes vs Milan:
CK taker/played more games this season than anyone on zurich/good shoulder to shoulder challenge to push ambrosini off the ball/killer spass perfect/pretty good TS or DS/pretty strong on ball/decent LF shot/LF SFK goal/+FKA/Good SP/some curl/tech okay/quick to res to a loose touch/looks strong and fast?/
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Re: Milan GAJIĆ

Postby Doogy1992 » 2010 Dec 19, 12:13

His ATT-DEF ratio could be uplifted to be on par with KP Boateng
Like: ATTACK: 73 , DEFENSE: 53
And if he can get the dribbling star, his dribble accuracy should nearer 80 more than now, just 77.
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Re: Milan GAJIĆ

Postby Malakayi » 2012 Oct 20, 14:25

plays for FC Zürich 2nd team

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