Álvaro Vadillo

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Álvaro Vadillo

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Feb 17, 23:33

Full Name: Álvaro Vadillo Cifuentes

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Re: Álvaro VADILLO, Real Betis B

Postby JuLiTo » 2012 Feb 17, 23:37

I leave here or move it to the first team? :)
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Re: Álvaro Vadillo

Postby mat880 » 2013 Aug 05, 10:35

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Re: Álvaro Vadillo

Postby Fixer » 2013 Nov 08, 16:20

He's so nimble and skilled. Ball is under his control all the time and his body movements remind me of di María so much. Good passing stuff as well, he's such an extremely talented player, but he's so really physically weak too.
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Re: Álvaro Vadillo

Postby sunsaegnim » 2019 Jun 11, 21:29

Good season for him, 4 goals and 11 assists for Granada. He'll be a interesting player to see in La Liga next season, quite skilled imo.
In term of updates i could see him with better body control (around 83 or 84), 70ish for fka, 77 for curling and 75 for lpa/lps, maybe 72~73 for attack too.

Just some videos of him:
fk goal vs Real Zaragoza https://youtu.be/QumdRZ4zsEw?t=35
Heel assist vs Mallorca https://youtu.be/zDGkxUvCHbU?t=29
good dribble and assist https://youtu.be/Mz9ETCpJe90?t=3
corner kick assist at 0:01, good fk shot at 0:10 and hit the post in another fk atempt in 0:16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYgSB0fHYeA
assist vs Córdoba, was involved in both goals this match https://youtu.be/9dGT5DNrskU?t=35
another corner assist https://youtu.be/1atHrzjJwrk
fk goal vs CD Lugo https://youtu.be/Wgxysc6ucTA?t=31
corner kick again https://youtu.be/KT7P8EpavNQ?t=1
great assist vs Mallorca https://youtu.be/oCRvtL_inCM?t=54

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