Brahim Díaz

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Brahim Díaz

Postby PES Stats Database » 2018 Aug 24, 18:51

Full Name: Brahim Abdelkader Díaz

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Re: Brahim Díaz

Postby jurgens » 2018 Aug 24, 18:52

Spoiler: show
Name: Brahim Díaz

Club: ?
Number: ?
Position: SMF*, AMF, CF, SS
Nationality: Spanish _esp
Age: 18 (xx-yy-2001)

Foot: R
Side: B

Length: 170
Weight: 68

Attack: 66
Defence: 30
Balance: 80
Stamina: 72
Top Speed: 81
Acceleration: 85
Response: 70
Agility: 81
Dribble Accuracy: 84
Dribble Speed: 82
Short Pass Accuracy: 71
Short Pass Speed: 70
Long Pass Accuracy: 66
Long Pass Speed: 65
Shot Accuracy: 68
Shot Power: 82
Shot Technique: 69
Free Kick Accuracy: 55
Curling: 60
Header: 62
Jump: 62
Technique: 81
Aggression: 81
Mentality: 63
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 63

Injury Tolerance: A
Condition/Fitness: 4
Weak Foot Accuracy: 8
Weak Foot Frequency: 7

P04 - Darting Run
P05 - Mazing Run
P10 - Incisive Run

amother prototype to go along with foden. This guy is pretty interesting, originnaly I thought he was somewhat slow and unagile, very untidy dribbler, then I was seeing the exact opposite, repeadtly. Very sturdy and seems very aggressive, does not go down easy and switches from foot to foot with his dribbling and this alone makes him a handful, very interesting combination of skills. Seems to have a real powerful shot on him, but hard to decipher with limited playtime. I think he could progress into something like a mid 80's ds player whos completly two footed, really strong on the ball and agressive, with a powerful shot, very interesting talent, tonnes of potential.
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Re: Brahim Díaz

Postby Viyut » 2018 Dec 19, 13:07

Very impressive on his dribbling yesterday against Leicester. Seems to be complete from a technical perspective as a player, and once he learns some more under Guardiola's guidance i think he'll be a great asset for City very soon.
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Re: Brahim Díaz

Postby Twix » 2019 Jan 07, 15:09

Moved to Real Madrid _esp - official source

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Re: Brahim Díaz

Postby Ocrin » 2019 May 13, 03:34

Fantastic goal.
Everyone knew it was impossible. Then came along a fool who didn't know it, and he did it.
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Re: Brahim Díaz

Postby jurgens » 2020 Sep 27, 07:10

Looked great in his debut. I'm a big fan of this kid, so much potential. Surely milan isn't the best place for him to thrive, but maybe with things turning around for them....

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