Rouwen Hennings

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Rouwen Hennings

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Mar 03, 14:15


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Re: Rouwen HENNINGS, VfL Osnabrück

Postby Eternal Night » 2012 Jan 14, 10:09

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Re: Rouwen Hennings

Postby KeyserSoze » 2019 Apr 01, 02:12

He's the typical German 2nd tier striker who relies in a intensive, passionate approch to compensate his lack of balance in technical terms. I've seen him like five or six times in BuLi this season. And while he lacks the precision and composure to be a consistent scorer in the top tier, he's still a valuable squad player with his stubborness and his ability to put high pressing to the opp D-Line continously throughout the matches. An important amount of the goals scored by Düsseldorf this season were caused by Hennings forcing mistakes to the opposition with his intensive pressing. That's the main reason he gets regular first team football despite not being a prolific scorer for these standards.

That said, he looks like a striker with low 70s for Att, low-mid 50s for Def, 86-87 for Stamina, slightly higher Balance and Aw 3/3.
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