Levante UD

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Levante UD

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 May 27, 23:00

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Re: Levante Unión Deportiva - History and Squad

Postby brazilianpesfan » 2010 Aug 20, 17:13

Numbers for this season

1- Reina

2- Cerra

3- Nano

4- Héctor Rodas

5- Robusté

6- Pallardó

7- Xisco Nadal

8- Gorka Larrea

9- Rafa Jordà

10- Iborra

11- Miguel Pérez

12- Juanfran

13- Munúa

14- Xavi Torres

16- Sergio

17- Javi Venta

18- Ballesteros

19- Xisco Muñoz

20- Juanlu

21- Rubén

22- Stuani

23- Valdo
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Re: Levante UD

Postby mracho » 2011 Nov 11, 15:39

Munúa's and Navas' numbers should be swapped (Munúa #1, Navas #13). ;)


EDIT: And the Juanfran link is wrong, it redirects to THIS JUANFRAN instead of THIS ONE.
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Re: Levante UD

Postby TheShocker » 2011 Dec 31, 11:24

A wonderful surprize Levante this season as well as M'Gladbach in Germany,just why football is so special again.

FOOTBALL > billions and millions :)
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Re: Levante UD

Postby yuliancho » 2012 Jan 20, 00:34

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Re: Levante UD

Postby PETER1001 » 2012 Apr 04, 05:09

A set of stats of Vicente Iborra should be made
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Re: Levante UD

Postby billy » 2012 Oct 07, 16:03

IBORRA! Hey mates, this player should be made a long time ago...
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Re: Levante UD

Postby vinnie » 2013 Aug 19, 07:57

im looking for xume n17? just a run he did against adriano interested me about his ts, but it seems he lacks a topic.. :|
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Re: Levante UD

Postby Korinov » 2013 Aug 19, 10:26

vinnie wrote:im looking for xume n17? just a run he did against adriano interested me about his ts, but it seems he lacks a topic.. :|

Xumetra, Jordi. We'll update shirt numbers once the transfer window is closed ;)
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Re: Levante UD

Postby Eternal Night » 2019 Apr 18, 15:47

I've updated all the players of this humble team and I have created 2 new players: Borja Mayoral (on loan from Real Madrid) and Raphael Dwamena.

Levante UD has a defensive system that is too poor but a few offensive players of great quality: José Campaña, Rubén Rochina, José Luis Morales and Roger Martí. Enis Bardhi is disappointing me a lot this season.

I will keep both eyes on a very interesting CB: Róber Pier. No doubt he is the best defender of the team and very surely deserves better values in the "Technique skills".
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