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Valentin Eysseric

Posted: 2011 Nov 05, 15:34
by PES Stats Database

Re: Valentin EYSSERIC

Posted: 2012 Aug 24, 14:54
by chanera
Play's to OGC Nice !

Re: Valentin Eysseric

Posted: 2013 Jan 05, 00:12
by Adrien
I found him so bad at Monaco, weak and never able to make the good choise even if he had some technical skills. But this season, he's fantastic, keep his dribbling skills and even improve it. Give a lot of offensive movements and altern it with some good passes, he's now far better, very good potential for the future.

Re: Valentin Eysseric

Posted: 2013 Mar 08, 05:17
by MrEskola

Eyserric was banned for the rest of the season and I have absolutely nothing against, he deserved it.

Re: Valentin Eysseric

Posted: 2013 Mar 08, 09:37
by Adrien
That's very hypocrit... Ibrahimovic deserved it much more with very dangerous thing against Ruffier, Lovren, etc...

Eysseric is banned because Clément was injured because of his tackle. Yeah Eysseric made a mistake but he recognize it and he wasn't intentional. The thing that player like Ibra made are much more dangerous and intentional... They aren't banned just because they didn't injured the player so much. That's really hypocrit.

Re: Valentin Eysseric

Posted: 2019 Dec 14, 02:06
by stumink
Is he this good? He needs some downgrades i think