Abel Hernández

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Abel Hernández

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Apr 07, 07:35

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Postby DEDmartin » 2012 Mar 20, 21:15

My suggestions
Top Speed: 87/88
Dribble Accuracy: 83
Ball Control: 80
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Postby čale » 2012 Mar 25, 18:23

you better start puttin' some valid arguments and reasons for your suggestions or they'll just be deleted or ignored.
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Re: Abel Hernández

Postby KeyserSoze » 2013 Apr 29, 15:05

As most poachers, he's fairly static, just waiting for a through-pass to take advantage of his pace most of the time. Thus you could reduce Stamina to high greens at least (78). And Tenacity could go down even further. Very relaxed and unaware of his role at times, reminds me a bit of Tacuara Cardozo in that aspect. I'd go for something like 70.
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Re: Abel Hernández

Postby BigStu » 2017 Jan 29, 23:03

Missed 2 penalties today in as many minutes, what a mong
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Re: Abel Hernández

Postby Twix » 2019 Aug 30, 13:54

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