Dwight Gayle

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Dwight Gayle

Postby PES Stats Database » 2013 Jul 12, 08:04


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Re: Dwight Gayle

Postby Paddy » 2014 Apr 27, 02:12

All he has is pace, he's fast, decent in the air, runs a lot, but lacks positioning and tactical knowledge.
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Re: Dwight Gayle

Postby KeyserSoze » 2016 Mar 02, 17:02

Paddy already made a good summary for Gayle.
Maybe his BB is even slightly higher than 82; something around 83 or 84. He's always been sturdy and fairly strong for his size.
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Re: Dwight Gayle

Postby TurBo » 2017 Mar 24, 01:38

Why isn't he updated because he's been stunning in the Championship so far this season with amazing 21 scored goals? He deserves to be updated.
Greetings to all by the way. I'm a new member of the forum even though I've been using PSD for years already.
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Re: Dwight Gayle

Postby BigStu » 2017 Mar 24, 11:01

I agree, its basically the set I made when he scored 13 goals in the champ in 29 games, 21 in 25 is supurb form
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Re: Dwight Gayle

Postby TurBo » 2017 Mar 30, 01:40

Yeah. Definitely. Thanks for taking my words into consideration by the way. Appreciate it a lot. Just I don't get it how Gayle's overall rate was 72 before this update and after this update it's lower... 71. Shouldn't he go up and not down since he's been in stunning form this season. :D But well, You know best, I guess. :D
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Re: Dwight Gayle

Postby anOKguy » 2019 May 14, 15:00

I think his shots have a good bit of power around 82 on them and his ds is likely higher as he can carry the ball pretty quickly but not with tight control
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Re: Dwight Gayle

Postby Freeend » 2019 Jun 01, 08:25

Correct: 17/10/1990

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