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Eddie Nketiah

Posted: 2019 Feb 27, 04:02
by PES Stats Database

Re: Eddie Nketiah

Posted: 2019 Sep 11, 15:47
by anOKguy Nkeith looks fast here, quite good speed

Re: Eddie Nketiah

Posted: 2020 Feb 28, 02:15
by anOKguy
Really hope Leeds watched that game he just had against Everton and saw what happens when you give this guy minutes. Mind numbingly stupid to not play him at all given some of the shit Bamford displayed. I really rate his work rate and his stamina is impressive With good running through the end of games. For now I would have around 77 but upward potential too. Attack would be safe for now on 71-72 as well. He’s a dangerous player in the making!