Bolivia | 1994 | Best generation and WC participation

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Bolivia | 1994 | Best generation and WC participation

Postby PES Stats Database » 2017 Jun 06, 16:53




Team Roster
Coach: _esp Xabier Azkargorta
Spoiler: show

#1 Carlos Trucco
#12 Dario Rojas
#19 Marcelo Torrico

#2 Juan Manuel Peña
#3 Marco Antonio Sandy
#4 Miguel Ángel Rimba
#5 Gustavo Quinteros
#13 Modesto Soruco
#16 Luis Cristaldo
#17 Oscar Sánchez

#6 Carlos Borja
#7 Mario Pinedo
#8 Milton Melgar
#10 Marco Antonio Etcheverry
#14 Mauricio Ramos
#15 Vladimir Soria
#20 Ramiro Castillo
#21 Erwin Sánchez
#22 Julio Baldivieso

#9 Alvaro Peña
#11 Jaime Moreno
#18 William Luis Ramallo

GK: Trucco
RWB: Borja ©
RCB: Rimba
SWP: Quinteros
LCB: Sandy
LWB: Cristaldo
DMF: Soria
CMF: Melgar
AMF: Baldivieso
AMF: Erwin Sánchez
CF: Ramallo

Captain: Carlos Borja
Short Free Kicks: Melgar
Long Free Kicks: Erwin Sánchez
Free Kick 2: Baldivieso
Left Corner Kicks: Erwin Sánchez
Right Corner Kicks: Erwin Sánchez
Penalties: Erwin Sánchez

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Re: Bolivia | 1994 | Best generation and WC participation

Postby Vickingo » 2017 Aug 30, 10:45

Well after a very long time working on this team and watching probably all the footage available in Internet I'm gonna explain some general things about their players and why I was so attracted to work in an obscure NT from Southamerica's in 1990's.

I've been always interested in 90's football, cause I think it was the best to watch and specially Southamerican since every fucking NT had one or two brilliant playmakers who is the position I (play) and love. There was so much talent around and so many talented players to watch and enjoy. Also imo it is the best AFA league era ever, full of talent and the esthetic was just outstanding, turning to modern football in a very nice way. So basically and even saying 1994 WC was one of the worst in terms of quality I've watched, getting these matches from Bolivia was a joy to watch. Also I was interested in Copa America 1993 and 1997 from these guys where they made it gerat, reaching final match vs Brazil and having posibilities to win a Cup again.

You know, Bolivia is probably letting away Venezuela, the worst NT in Southamerica. Yeah they had some good years in 50's but after that they always been shit and getting incredible goal ratio conceded...far away to qualify to WC and basically losing every match outside the 3600 m over the sea from La Paz which is basically a killer for any NT. Eventhought they couldn't take advantage from that...imagine the level of the team.

BUT 90's Bolivian side was much more than taking advantage of this 3600 metres over the sea. They had quality and real one...the coach, Azkargorta, built up a great great midfield and a compact team, chosing very well the players to carry on his idea.

Let's go to the team: I've had a headache trying to realize what was the system and the tactics in WC. Some sites said they played 3-6-1, other 3-5-2, 5-2-2-1 and etc. I found very clear after watching all the minutes and also after that other matches and highlights they played a very flexible 3-4-2-1...but like any other system, players move...and in Azcargorta's team...they moved A LOT. So it was for me to realize team's movements and tactics.

They weren't lucky in WC tbh...they were in Germany (played inaugural match vs the "current" champion), Spain and SouthKorea. Well you can say: what do you expect if you're probably one of the worst sides in WC and you didn't play a WC ever? Yeah it's true too. I've gotta say they deserved more points than what they actually got: They lost vs Germany and they made probably the best match...they have real opportunities to take advantage and score but they failed at finishing. Germany didn't play a good game tbh, I was surprised about how Bolivia managed possesion lot of time in that match and Germany did really nothing, that could be a draw or even Bolivia's win. Vs SouthKorea they made probably the worst match of the three...disconected, lack of possesion and so many fucks up on defence...0-0. Vs Spain referee opened the match for Spain really easily, giving them a real controversial penalty...Bolivia was better than Spain imho and probably deserved to at least draw.

Let's go yeah now for the names:

Carlos Trucco (GK): The keeper they needed...aggressive, Navarro Montoya's style, going away from the box a lot, playing SWP most of times when Bolivia was in possesion. Great reflexes, saved team ass lots of times but also very VERY prone to commit giant mistakes cause lack of positioning and catching ability. Very prone to give silly rebounds and give strikers a second chance...a real leader and a very good keeper for the team, eventhough some matches weren't the best...he was damn old as well at the WC.

Miguel Ángel Rimba (RCB): One of the guys most impressed to me...a really good defender...great at anticipation, using his response all the time, aggressive and energic, going to attack a lot and covering Borja all the time. Technically quite bad but decent speed over distances. His SPS was just crazy, +20 m grounded passes like nothing but so many mistakes at it. Also his fighting spirit was just amazing by moments, taking the ball going forward to win the match. Former SB, adapted really well to play stopper in this team.

Gustavo Quinteros (SWP): The sweeper of the team. He was like "meh" but good at covering and nice sliding ability. Technically quite bad and his dispossesing ability really inconsistent. The best at TW of the defence, didn't impress me. Nice jump.

Marco Sandy: A true legend of Bolivian football...strong, mad sometimes and very dirty player :lol: But still they needed a guy like him...really bad at TW, leaving spaces to strikers all the time cause his tendency to go forward to "break" and get the ball...problem was he didn't win everytime so left the team really bad sometimes. Fast and explosive but overall slow, good fighting spirit as well.

Carlos Borja: I wasn't impressed by him at first but then I realized this guy was 39 years old that WC and ran like a 20 years old guy. Fucking crazy fitness and a real leader in all sense. Nice crossing ability and quite aggressive, other Bolivian legend here.

Luis Cristaldo: At first I thought he was shit cause his TW was absolutely disgusting, his marking didn't seem that good and technically he was awful. But watching him more I understood the need of having someone like this guy. Tireleess runner, nice mentality and a real fighter in the left side. Also decent crosser and fast to go and back for the side. He is one of the players with most caps in Bolivia's history.

So the defence was clearly a 3 line man with 2 WB. Energic, aggressive and quite disorganizated by moments.

I'll continue this post later with the most interesting in the team: midfield.
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Re: Bolivia | 1994 | Best generation and WC participation

Postby Vickingo » 2017 Sep 05, 11:30

I'll continue this post later with the most interesting in the team: midfield.

Well, the midfield was the part of the team with more talent, more options and perfect syncronization between them. I was really impressed about the quality of these guys and the very low hype there was/is towards them since they were really great talents in 90's. I really enjoyed watching their matches in 1993/1994/1997, they worked really well together. Also there's something which make this have more merits: the team was full of very old players but with a great workrate and physique.

They played as I said a very flexible 3421, which turned in a 5-3-1-1 or a 5-4-1 to defend. Transitions were really fast and players used to adapt very well to changes during the match, so it wasn't strange watching guys like Baldivieso or Erwin Sánchez all over the pitch, as well as Melgar and Soria changing positions and roles all the time as they were really great at distribution.

Let's go explaining 1 x 1:
Vladimir Soria (DMF): Great player, really. I knew him now as a coach and I didn't know he was this good...he was one of the guys I've been more impressed about since I thought he was only the destroyer of the team. He had a very good foot, nice touches and he was damn agile to distribute the ball...yeah, 90% of the time he played very simple...but who said you have to play difficult to be a good player? Also he had a nice fighting spirit and a decent tackling. He changed positions with Melgar and his workrate was really good, supportive to the sides and going forward by moments. Aggressive on the mark as well.

Milton Melgar (CMF): The player I enjoyed the most. I knew him since he played in Boca 10 years before this WC (or so) and he was beloved by the fans. At this point he was 36 damn years and he played like a young guy but very mature. His touches and passing were mindblowing by moments, excellent distribution of the ball, elegant to play BUT really quick on his feet to retain the ball. I was really impressed about his ball retention taking into account he was really slow and not particularely strong...but his DA was just lovely to avoid marking. Also his long passing could be better BUT he was really adventorous and he failed quite a lot because of this, still great. I sat him 3 points below Etcheverry cause of consistency. More impressive was his fitness, amazing condition, running all the time, being passing option and asking for the ball to make the team play. He was the key of this team, really loved this guy and I was impressed about his physical condition at this age.

Julio César Baldivieso (AMF): Another talented and technical player I've been hearing for years, watching him in HIghlights but never full matches like now. Probably the finest player in the team since Etcheverry was benched, great at long passing, even better than Melgar but below Etcheverry as well. Very useful, adapted very well to several positions and great at shoting...took a lot of chances all the time and scored a good amount of goals throught his career. Really slow but useful even playing SMF when he was needed. His worst part was his low commitment and workrate...otherwise he would have been better...still a really nice player to watch, lovely da and agility to avoid marking...some great movements at WC going throught 2 or 3 players in a row. He was still very young at this WC and it was noticiable...after that I watched him more mature and better overall.

Erwin Sánchez: I've been watching the most I could about this guy and I have to say he didn't impress me at all at first but then when I paid more attention and watched closer his movements I can understand why he's rated so high. The guy was good, really good's the kind of player I don't like that much but I understand the point of having him and why he's so praised.

After watching him I can say I find him VERY similar to Pablo Aimar and in other way Mago Valdivia. In terms of body movements, agility, DA and going forward, being direct he's really similar to Valencia's Aimar. But the fact of his great mentality, the way he tried to (like vinnie said once) show he's good every time he loses the ball and the aim of getting it as fast as he can to show his ability and dribble is very similar to the Chilean.

What do you get from that styles? A very very complete and good player.

I have to say Erwin Sánchez was the exact player Bolivia needed...specially considering the way Azkargorta built the team...he chosed really well the players to play least in the midfield. It was the perfect mix of elegance, dynamism and technique. Probably lacked work rate and goal but still Erwin, Baldivieso and Melgar was just a joy to watch together, such quality players in there. He played very well some games, even the final match vs Brazil in 1997, probably he was the 1 or 2 players who had a good WC and was at the level such important tournament demands, that's why I respect him, his mental strenght was great. I was amazed about his going forward attitude and how quickly he could avoid marking using his body and speed, aggressive as hell. Sometimes he lacked the good final decision to exploit even better his abilities, he doesn't need more than 79 tbh...

Mauricio Ramos (CMF): Impressed about his shoting, his aggressive style and his decent long passing. He didn't have so much participation probably cause Azkargorta had better players but still when he went in, he made something good. Overall a MLS legend after this, obscure talent but just a little better than the media, still a decent player.

I'll finish this later with strikers and final comments.

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