Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo threads

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Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo threads

Postby Fixer » 2012 Feb 27, 13:54

Hello everyone. Well, what Im going to post about Is something most of us already know, but I'd like to have It written here so It's also available for those new members that might happen to register in the forum. Since the first day I came here, I was not just aware, but I already had an impression without even visiting them, that CR7 and Messi's threads would be a huge chaotic weapon of destruction. They were of course, but I could have never imagined to what point until I became a moderator in La Liga. Those threads are, let's say, a total nightmare. Why's that? Well, they are the two most well known players in the world in the two most powerful teams in the world right now, which also are two of the most followed around, and even more now a days that they have such a might. Since the day I became a mod, again, I've closed, opened, closed, opened, given multiple chances to these threads (Sometimes the opening was needed, as we can't have a set there for all the eternity) but this has become worse with time. I am probably the most active moderator in La Liga at this moment, I guess I am the one with more time, but as you guys know I've always been focused mostly in the other teams as Im pretty sure there's just like enough knowledge in the forum to make Barça and Madrid almost perfect, but not just that. Recently, the moderators in La Liga have become less and less active, to the point Im sometimes alone in the dark. Even after Korinov's appointment to moderator (Such a breath of fresh air for me), a forum like La Liga has huge problems to be controlled, specially having those two teams on It.

That's why I ask you, kindly ask, I beg you people that could and would read all this I'm typing down to COLLABORATE. To care a little bit and to make us things EASY. This Is, step by step:




Now seriously, this is a forum, It's a community, we have to 'live' and make things easier for each other. Since It's a community, being unable to live with each other as an idem should and will probably end up with a BAN
So, to summarize a bit what I tried to let clear here, Im going to post a few short messages about what's going to happen in the CR7 and Messi forums:

1: Anything that Is basically not related to the stats by any means will be DELETED. Reiteration will lead to a warning and then probably a ban If Global Mods allow me to post this. If Im in a bad mood I will just ask for a ban. Im such an asshole.

2: Discussions Is allowed. Arguements and bullshit will obviously be deleted and reported. This gets me on my nerves, so the thread lock Is a common solution for me in these cases.

3: By logic, any full set posted just because yes will be deleted. Im not against the posting of sets, but SEND ME A PM BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Why's that? Well, how easy It Is to leave everyone post a set and get the whole thread filled with sets (Most of them surely wet in biasm)

4: Again, In case you did a diagonal read in the rules, If you don't follow the current discussion in a thread and dare to post on It, you are out of the thread. Simple as that.

5: Bullshit like
out of these threads, so are you who post It. Link up with the previous.

Thanks everyone for reading, have a nice day and be nice. Let's make this forum easier for everyone.
By the way, Im starting a clean up in the recent story (One year to now) of both threads. Im starting to delete bullshit now.

kunmariano wrote:
Ajacied_Breda1 wrote:Why don't you just bugger off for a bit, kunmariano. I've got better things to do then read your biased tripe.

ey friend learns to write, DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING YOU !!!!... who believes you got a problem here?


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