PES 2012 Survey - Give your opinion!

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PES 2012 Survey - Give your opinion!

Postby bitz » 2012 Jan 28, 18:08 PES2012 Survey posted by Jon Murphy on Twitter have your say. (Even if you don't play PES12 your opinion is important)

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Re: PES 2012 Survey - Give your opinion!

Postby jurgens » 2012 Jan 28, 21:07

I did it. But just look at the fucken questions.... this is the sort of shit you ask about the game? What download content do you want, do you want more keeper animations, do you want to be able to edit other features..... what about the fucken gameplay questions....Who gives a rats ass about such trivial shit. It's the gameplay that matters, and thats whats wrong with the game... but did they even consider that? We'll make the game better by adding more modes and animations!

Thats proof that pes is in the hands of incomportment morons. John murphy is fucken useless.
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Re: PES 2012 Survey - Give your opinion!

Postby Kruger13 » 2012 Jan 29, 04:42

Too much trivial questions... Too superficial in my opinion.
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Re: PES 2012 Survey - Give your opinion!

Postby Basilio » 2012 Jan 29, 05:36

I expressed myself about stats in the last question :D !

EDIT: i talked also about passing not being an art as IRL, but i failed to remember my primary objection of pes 2012 and sharing it, dribbling..
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Re: PES 2012 Survey - Give your opinion!

Postby čale » 2012 Jan 29, 11:02

well this is what i wrote:

the franchise is on a downward spiral ever since the next-gen series started the game looks like not much effort goes into it, i don't know if it's a lack of budget, ambition, technology or something else. PES is known for ALWAYS taking away or "breaking" systems and features that work great and replacing them with something completely irrelevant like new boots or idiotic barrel balls or dog heads. It's stupid, plain and simple! There are around 60% of people out there who want to have a real football game like back in the day on the old-gen, a game which is playable even if you have 10 non-real teams. And I mean why are you bragging about your new "Super" AI when players in offense are running around like headless chicken and look completely lost on the field. I've played PES since it was ISS and now completely stopped playing it after PES 10 which i felt was quite enjoyable and a really good base to work from. I think I'm speaking in the name of many PES gamers when i say that a refined PES 6 with better graphics more stats 360 dribbling better animations and the option to create your own leagues without a limit would bring at least twice more revenue that PES 11 and 12 brought in. Well those are my 2 cents...
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