Andrew Robertson

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Andrew Robertson

Postby PES Stats Database » 2014 Sep 29, 16:07


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Re: Andrew Robertson

Postby LaitP » 2018 Dec 22, 10:27

Doesn't he deserve the Offensive Full-back card?
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Re: Andrew Robertson

Postby B-127 » 2019 Jan 19, 16:00

I think Robertson's Response and Explosive Power are a bit bigger in reality.
Robertson is extremely dangerous in attack taking a lot of strength.
A little more ball control.
Have you noticed the speed and intensity of Robertson's reaction to situations in the match?
(What is also a feature implemented in Klopp teams)
And all this has been a long time
Here's a little recent video of it. I do not use it as an argument because I do not think it was an incredible match against an incredible opponent either ( ... 050125469/ )

Attack: 72 > 73/75

Defence: 67 > 67/69

Shot Accuracy: 60 > 61/62

Ball Controll: 74 > 75/80

Response: 80 > 81/84

Explosive Power 80 > 81/84 (82)

I think he deserves the Index Card of Offensive Fullback, since he always attacks with great force and takes danger to the opponents.

(At least for PES 13)
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Re: Andrew Robertson

Postby Paddy » 2019 Mar 07, 14:21

How the feck does he not have close to an 80 for Attack?
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Re: Andrew Robertson

Postby mrayamgoreng_12 » 2019 May 08, 09:13

Shouldn't his attack be close 80ish? I mean he does have 11 assists as a fullback after all alongside TAA
And he goes way forward with how Klopp sets up Liverpool when attacking
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Re: Andrew Robertson

Postby lfc 4 eva » 2019 May 08, 16:05

Agreed, also think his top speed and acceleration are much closer than this set implies. Somewhere around 85 for each if I had to guess.
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Re: Andrew Robertson

Postby Whoah10115 » 2019 May 08, 18:46

Would increase Attack but Stamina at 96 seems clearly too high.

Great player tho. Comparing to Arnold, his LPA needs to be higher.
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Re: Andrew Robertson

Postby BigStu » 2019 Dec 29, 11:07

good update, though needs an yellow SP now, and a shooting a bit closer to 70, looked to shoot much more in 2019 and actually looked a threat, something similar to emerson, though a higher SP

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