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Ryan Babel

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 17:41

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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby mcmattie » 2013 Jun 06, 11:14

Weird move. Must be for financial reasons, but why then did he buy off his contract with Hoffenheim?

I'm fine with Acc < TS.
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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby Roy » 2013 Jun 06, 11:15

Before this season started, so, a year ago...
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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby Fides » 2013 Jun 11, 08:43

And the whole "buying out" is bit of a BS story. He had a expensive contract for 1 (or 2?) more years, which entitled him to several millions (over that/those year(s)), and he and Hoffenheim agreed that he could "break" his contract and sign for another club so Hoffenheim didnt have to pay his expensive salary anymore. So he gave up several million he was entitled to, but he technically didnt pay any more to leave.

I didnt see any official confirmation of his transfer to Kasimpasa yet, unlike Donk who is already presented on the official website.
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Re: Ryan Babel, Kasımpaşa

Postby d4nte » 2015 Jul 02, 17:30

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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby Korinov » 2016 Sep 15, 13:19

Wtf lol. I'm insanely curious about what this guy can do at this stage. I hadn't heard of him in ages, and now this.
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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby bjk_melo_151 » 2017 Jun 15, 19:19

He's our new hero. When he came to Beşiktaş, then our people have questions about Beşiktaş's future. Because his age. He was 29 and he wasn't play lots of matches like Beşiktaş’s players in this season. At the same time he’s a one of valuable players by his age. Beşiktaş must pay attention UEFA Financial Fair Play rules. Our doubt is mostly about this situation: “He is old and very expensive” My doubts about his playing style. I’ve watched his many many matches. His weaknesses are defensive skills and his selfishness. He can take lots of long range shots and he wasn’t thinking anything else. He scored good goals in his career history but his selfishness really bad thing.
When he starts to play then we wait and hope his good performance. His first performance wasn’t well but we were will wait again for his good performance. His second match was very important for his future in the team lineup. In that match, Beşiktaş have won with 4 goals. His goal was one of them. His goal was very impressive for us. Once in there; Beşiktaş won the throw-in, Gökhan Gönül threw high to Talisca was near the ball but he can’t afford in aerial game well and also his opponent won the ball. Still the ball remained in Beşiktaş. Oğuzhan Özyakup was getting the ball and was sending the ball to Tolgay Arslan. Tolgay was dribbles with ball and Ryan was ready for get the ball. Then Tolgay saw him and send the ball from the ground. Ryan ran when he was collects the ball and past his opponents one by one and he made fakes. His fakes are very effective. Because his opponents were slipped away on the ground. One of them collided with own goalkeeper. Ryan was ready for score and he scored.
Image Image

That’s first goal of him in league title. This goal was in Beşiktaş’s away game. He was scored and made one assist next week in home game. That’s the second of his good performance.

His performance was not stable on top in February. But he was very willing for goal and assist. At the same time he was adapted the team formation. He was the bridge between Cenk and Adriano. He was helping these players every time in remained league and cup matches. His most important things were passing and teamwork out of his accurate and powerful long shots. I wasn’t knew his experience about off the ball. He was showing that in every match. He jumped high and he tried heading in every aerial duels.
I'm coming to the weaknesses. His best weaknesses are defensive skills and agility. Sometimes he can’t finish aesthetic moves and lost the ball. Still he is fast but not like in his own history. He lost strength and pace now because he’s not young. But his shots are more accurate and techniqual than his young times.
He's scored 8 goals and 4 asists for Beşiktaş. In Autumn he's scored 9 goals and 2 assists for Deportivo de La Coruña. He came to Beşiktaş like a forward or goal scorer. But Beşiktaş's manager Şenol Güneş used him at Left Forward and sometimes Left midfielder and Second Striker. Şenol Güneş likes most attractive and attacking football. Babel adapted this game very well. In Pre-Ryan Babel; Beşiktaş have one box-to-box or agressive winger Olcay Şahan (he left in Jan. He's playing for Trabzonspor) and our selfish but really good talent Kerim Frei (He left in Jan. too. He's playing for Birmingham). Beşiktaş were can't score without Quaresma. At the same time Caner Erkin's injury was very bad for left wing. Beşiktaş has only Adriano for all left back and left midfielder. Ryan Babel was a really good addition for Beşiktaş in Winter.
My set is there:
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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby jurgens » 2017 Jun 15, 19:32

thanks for explaining bro, I appreciate the effort.
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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby bjk_melo_151 » 2017 Jun 16, 04:27

jurgens wrote:thanks for explaining bro, I appreciate the effort.
Sorry for grammatical problems. I didn't much education for English. I don't post like this because I can't trust my language.
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Re: Ryan Babel

Postby Gooners » 2018 Mar 16, 13:40

Hello guys, just my humble opinion. He is playing very well in Besiktas. In this season in 30 games (Turkish league and Championes league) 11 goals and 4 assist. I think u need to give him
Attack 78 - 80
B. Balance 82- 84 (cuz he's strong, 82 is low for him to be honest)
Dribling acc i would give him 85 (U can see videos of him what does his doing to opponets, he's rly good)
And inprove shot acc from 76 to 80 and shot tehniqe from 79 to 80.
Thanks for reading my suggestion, i hope i help u :)
(Sry for bad english :/ )

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